Z A V I E R  D E ' A N G E L O

Meet the man with the camera
who loves taking shots of a fine glass of wine. 

SKYN: Zavier, we'd love to know. What inspired you to do what you do?

ZD'A: My first introduction to photography started in college, I would say that's where my inspiration blossomed.

SKYN: Great place to get your first taste of it. Did you have any mentors either in college or outside of it who really helped mold and guide you? 

ZD'A: I would say I have many mentors that help start and gave me the opportunity to learn José Guerra, Rich Photo 305, Joey Wright, Chris Head Shots, and a huge thanks to Sam Brave.

SKYN: Sounds like you've got quite the list. You've also got quite the list of beautiful images. What’s your favorite picture (or video) that you’ve taken over the years? Do you even have a favorite?

ZD'A: Well I don't know, that's a good one. It's hard to have a favorite image when we're always looking for the best, but if I had to say, it would definitely be 'Mother Love' the image I shot of a lady with her daughter very African.

SKYN: That sounds like a beautiful piece. You've worked with so many incredible people. Who was your favorite subject to work with?

ZD'A: Definitely Alli Martinez! She's always on time, she does her own styling, hair, make up, and we capture amazing images together. (Can't forget her mom is really cool.)

SKYN: You've taken some amazing shots. What was the most difficult shot you ever had to get?

ZD'A: Well I think there's a lot of shots that was difficult especially when you don't have an assistant with you at the time.

SKYN: Fair enough. Tell us something random about yourself.

ZD'A: I love dancing Bachata and I'm not Spanish lol

SKYN: That's hilarious. What was one big challenge that you had to overcome?

ZD'A: LIFE and still trying to overcome it.

SKYN: Ha, aren't we all. Do you have any tips for aspiring new photographers in the industry?

ZD'A: Shoot every day and every day and every every day and every every day and every every day every day every day and every day!! Practice makes perfect.

SKYN: What are some of your goals for 2016?

ZD'A: To become a citizen of the United States my most important goal!

SKYN: Sounds definitively doable! We're sure you'll get it! 
Aside being an American citizen, 
when it's all over what do you want to be remembered as?

ZD'A: As the guy that always wanted to help!

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