By: Amanda Cubello

Slim Waistlines, Fat Wallets

Find out how to workout on a budget, here

 Fitness is no longer Rocky's training montage through the streets of Philadelphia. It's all about the environment now, or at least that's what we're being shaped to think by fitness centers everywhere.

When did getting in shape become another bill added to the pile?

In 2014, total U.S. Health Club Revenues increased 7.4% to $24.2 billion, according to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). Now, I'm not saying all gyms aim to suck your checking account dry, unless it's Crossfit, because that shit is ridiculous. Yes, I'd like to book an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica. Jokes, that's my yearly membership to lift heavy objects and throw my back out.

I shit-you-not, it’ll cost you $2400 a year to be apart of the infamous, "it's not fitness, it's a lifestyle" mantra, that seems to encompass all those who deem it necessary to pay for the so-called, Elite Fitness program – whatever that means.

For all of you who live by my motto, if it's free, it's for me, here's the skinny on how to slim down without paying a dime.

Pick up free gym passes. I urge you all to take FULL advantage of these. Think about it: how many gyms are in your area? Each of those, offer free passes to anyone looking to try out their space. If you snagged passes to all of them, you could end up with about a month of pay-free workouts. While you save the green, you also get an idea of which gym is right for you if you decide to splurge on a membership.

Follow fitness gurus on social media. Instagram isn't just filters and booty pics (sorry to burst your bubble). You can find completely legit fitness accounts that give you circuits, exercises and healthy dieting tips at no cost to you. All you have to do is follow. How do you find these so-called experts? Simply follow one fitness guru and look to see whom they’re following. Chances are they have a stockpile of reparable sources. Or you could just Google it. The web is a marvelous place.

However, here are some follow-worthy accounts for anyone too lazy to actually go cyber digging themselves:


Traps, back, and a godly six-pack is Joe Holder in a few words. He's the founder of The Ocho System, a philosophy that emphasizes a balanced lifestyle by combining a “food as fuel” attitude, a positive mindset and efficient workouts. Scroll through his feed for two minutes and I guarantee you'll be itching to do some pull-ups and train for a marathon.

 Did I mention he's one of Nike's elite fitness trainers? 


This account is all about the food. From smoothies & parfaits, to avocado toast & zucchini pasta, there's something for everyone. Are these grams making you hungry while also making you want to start healthy eating, yesterday? Good news my friends, they provide the run-down on all the ingredients, so you can give your flavor-of-the-month the tastiest smoothie bowl. 


For starters, she’s a bombshell, along with being a personal trainer. She’s always uploading new fitness tutorials that you can view on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I’ve taken some of her moves and incorporated them into my own workouts. Oh, and she’s already gained 1.7 million followers; so basically, she’s the real deal.

Hike. Hiking four hours, which is the average time to summit a high peak, burns an average of 2,016 calories. Holy shit, right? You burn an excessive amount while going on memorable adventures and enjoying breath-taking views. Best part is, most hiking trails are absolutely free. All you got to do is park the car and start walking. Want some buddies? Start a hiking club and bask in some high-quality Vitamin D.

I’ll be sure to save you some take a hike bumper stickers.

Utilize your nearest high School/college resources. I do this all the time. When sports aren’t in session, the tennis courts, track, and sport fields are open to the public. Thought you had to pay for that uptight country club to whack some balls with your friends? Think again. At the schools, you get prime resources for zero dollars. You’ll never have to worry about crowds since most people don’t know about this.

Shop around. While exercising is the main objective, having the right gear can transform a sweat session. The key is to make sure you shop the deals and only buy what you need.  Athleisure is the new black, which means almost every store has their specific brand of athletic apparel. I know Nike’s dri-fit tank is your weakness and those Lulu Lemons make her ass look rather inviting, but real-talk, you don’t have $180 to drop on two items. Marshall’s, Target and Wal-Mart carry the same style with slashed prices.

But, Kim and Mark are so ‘couples goals’ in their matching gear. Well, Kim and Mark probably have credit-card debt and don’t have enough cash to go on romantic vacations.  

Bottom line. Take a second to think if you really need that payment in your life when you see the white-envelope in your mailbox.  You could be able to have the body of an athlete and play with some extra cash.

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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