Written by: Laura C. Anderson

A “Mirror Box,” that is. 

Swiss conceptual and performance artist, painter, and psychologist, Milo Moiré, shocks passerby’s in major cities; Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, and London, after giving the public consent to touch her breasts as well as her vagina for 30 seconds.

Taken from Moiré’s NSFW site, she begs her readers and fans to question, “What happens when a woman puts her sexuality on public display, assertively takes the initiative and lays out clear rules for the intimate interaction?” In order to answer such a provocative and alluringly juicy question, performance artist Moiré “wears a trapezoidal skirt made up of mirrored surfaces; a rectangular opening at the front is closed off by a red curtain. With a megaphone she invites passers-by to reach into the opening for 30 seconds, in order to touch her vagina.”

While standing on the streets with her megaphone in each city, she recites, “I am standing here today for women’s rights and sexual self-determination. Women have a sexuality, just like men have one. However, women decide for themselves when and how they want to be touched and when they don’t.”

“The consensual nature of sexual acts becomes a symbol here,” according to Moiré. She invites not only men but also women to take part in this feminine liberation, breaking societies expectation that a woman’s nude body is only for a man’s desire. The video shows men and women taking part in this wild spectacle and enjoying every second of it.

DAZED, an online edition of London-based youth fashion and culture magazine, headlined their coverage of Moiré’s performance with, “Artist arrested for getting strangers to stroke her genitals.” After already performing with little disputes in European cities Dusseldorf and Amsterdam, it wasn’t until performing in London’s Trafalgar Square that she ran into problems with law enforcement. According to a press release, the police arrested her, forcing her to spend 24 hours in a prison cell, and fining her a “4-digit fine.” Ouch – still, a small price to pay for female sexual liberation.

According to Moiré in her interview with DAZED, the performance was meant to be a follow-up to her naked protest against Cologne’s New Year’s Eve sex attacks, which saw more than 1,000 women get sexually assaulted by a large group of unidentified men. This time, though, the artist wanted to give a “symbol for the consensual nature” of sexual acts. The Mirror Box proved to be the perfect symbol.

“Inevitably it is not only one’s own self that becomes recognizable through the Mirror Box. The audience’s reflection on the mirrored box simultaneously becomes a visual metaphor for the role reversal from voyeur to the object of view: a constant play of inversions analogous to our roles in the digital world.”

Thanks to cameras inside the box we can see random strangers stroking her nipples as well as her nether regions. Though, and for obvious reason, the goodies are heavily censored. Still – one must admit Moiré does an incredible job remaining poised and composed, as she’s basically finger-banged for thirty seconds in front of massive crowds over and over again. Check out the steamy and inspiring video below to see for yourself.

Laura C. Anderson | @s0mebl0nde



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