U N D E R B O O B  I S  I N ,  S I D E B O O B  I S  O U T

By: Laura C. Anderson

Perhaps recently you’ve been seeing a whole different side to your favorite celebs and Instagram models than ever before. And when I say a whole different side, I mean a whole different side to their tits. Sure, deep cleavage was all the rage for a while, and then the sexy side boob swept the nation, but today we’re all about that rounded bouncy perfection that is the under boob. Sorry ladies, side boob is just so 2015.

When it comes to a woman’s fun bags, it’s almost impossible to say which part of the tit we enjoy being teased with most. The whole thing, of course, but the mysterious people who sit behind a desk all day and flag and report porn on IG frown upon such liberation. So, for now, we’ll just have to be okay with this new loophole allowing us to see basically the entire tit but not the entire tit because the nipples are covered…because that makes more sense…duh.

I think Miley Cyrus, while wearing nothing but nipple-pasties and an oversized sparkly blazer, in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel covers, or rather – uncovers, the issue perfectly. This clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live is about six minutes in length but if you fast-forward to 3:08 you’ll hear the pop star say what we’re all thinking anyways. 

Cyrus says, “The humans aren’t afraid of the human breast, it’s the nipple that’s the issue, that I’m always so concerned, like I’m showing my boobs and no one has a problem but the nipples are covered so somehow that’s okay.”

Cyrus isn’t the only celebrity exploring her freedom to bare her under boob, stars like Rihanna, J. Lo, Beyonce, Karlie Kloss, and so many more have all taken to the trend as well – and boy are we happy about it. 

Though it isn’t socially appropriate for a woman to go out to a restaurant or the mall with her shirt cut just below her nipples, it is, however, totally appropriate and encouraged on IG. Check out these ladies and all their under boob glory. Let’s just say some of them are making me want to go into my closet with a pair of scissors and make my crop tops slightly more cropped. 


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