T R I C K S  O F  T H E  T O N G U E
A Quick Guide to Eating Out 

By: Richard Veltri

If you've clicked this link you are no doubt a member of a growing group of men that really enjoys taking a tasty trip south of the border and would like to know how to improve your skills. Or you're a woman who thought, “ain't no way a man could really know what he's talking about here.” In which case there's two things to say: first, that's poor grammar, you should really think more coherent thoughts, and second, this article is years of research and practical application in the making. The basics will be broken down step by step with some fun additions thrown in at the end.

Number One – Enjoy the journey

Take your time getting down there, don't just dive down and shove your face in it like a baby with a bowl of soup. At that point, just like the baby, you're only making a mess of things and probably upsetting some lovely lady. So, make your way down slowly, remember a woman's enjoyment sexually is much more so mental than it is physical so play some mind games with your lead up, kiss your way down there and still don't go right for it. Make your way up one leg on the inner thigh then slowly back down and just when she thinks it's finally time for tongue, pass over (maybe give it a little flick on the way over but don't stay), and make your way up and down the other side only now finally, ready to dive in.

Number Two – Scout it Out

Just cause it's time to taste doesn't mean you want to start too quick. Take some long, slow, wide-tongued, licks from the base all the way to the top of the vagina, the wider you can make your tongue and the slower the better - like when a big dog sees something to lap up and goes at it almost casually, he's in no hurry and neither should you be (not the sexiest of analogies but it's more about results here). Now, while you're doing this, it's not only a slow build for her, it's your opportunity to assess the situation. Feel where she jumps the most, what is sensitive, and most importantly, when you get to the top really feel out for the clit (it'll be a little hard part under the hood that feels like cartilage). You don't wanna be scrambling around for that when it comes to crunch time.

Number Three – Amping it up!

Now it's time to really get down to it, the mental games and warm up are over, the anthems are sung, it's game time! With your mouth open like you're about to take that first bite of an apple get your lips around her clit and suck it into your mouth to bat it around a bit, just to let it know you mean business. You'll want to stay mostly in this area from here on out paying attention to the clit and the patch of skin between the hole and the clit which is similar to the sensitivity of just under the head of the penis. There are several ways to go about this, one tried, tested, and true technique is the zipper method:

a straight lick up and quick zig zag back down. From here you have to find a nice rhythm as each partner is going to be a bit different, but keep in mind, good rhythm beats just going hard and faster most times. When a girl says “right there, just like that” she means exactly that, not speed up cause it feels good there, it means that spot, that pace, you've hit magic.

Number 4 – Miscellaneous Orgasm Achievers

The basics have now been covered and if you stick to them you're sure to please, but remember every partner is a little different and will enjoy different ways to get them to that final buzzer, so here are some things to try.

Stick a finger in. Some girls just can't finish with only one part of her being stimulated, so try sliding a finger in and rubbing that frontal wall of the vagina for some shaky leg response.

Tongue in the hole: As previously stated, you mostly want to keep your tongue topside of the vagina, but sometimes doing something different can be great, especially if your rhythm isn't quite there. Try something that just might bring her back into the moment. And maybe just maybe, if you're really ambitious, try and see if you can reach your tongue onto that frontal wall. She'll love it. 

That's it for this quick guide to eating out, happy dining! 




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