A list of the healthiest alcoholic drinks

By: Amanda Cubello

What goes best with a summer breeze and tan-lines? Cocktails. Sun's out, keg’s out. That's the saying, right? Maybe, sort of, let's go with it. Either way, I'll be drinking and you probably will be too.

 While day drinking by the beach or partying on the boat seems like the ideal summer day, it's also a good way to kill yesterday's workout. That six-pack you woke up with will be invisible by 2 p.m. after the second frozen margarita, which can contain 675 calories per drink with 83 grams of sugar.

Although a single drink won't put a dent in your fitness goals, it’s easy to drink a third or fourth without realizing how many calories you’ve already consumed. Alcohol is composed of "empty" calories, or those that have little to no nutritional value. If you don’t watch what you’re consuming you can kiss you’re luscious V-shape and flat abs goodbye before the summer season has officially commenced. No one wants to be that guy swimming with a t-shirt on.

I know you’re inner Kendrick Lamar is saying, b*tch, don’t kill my vibe, but I assure you, I’m anything but a buzz-kill.

Below are some drinks you can indulge in while keeping the physique that makes you, and your twelve-pack, a crowd pleaser.

Gin & Diet Tonic

Size: 6 ounces
110 calories/0 grams of carbs

Hands down, this is the best option for those trying to cut calories and keep the carbs to a minimum. This carbonated drink goes down quick and painless. This could be a good or bad thing, depending on how you want you want the night to end. Gin is also a diuretic, reduces cardiovascular disease, improves GI health, and is proven to be therapeutic for arthritis.

Did I mention it has zero carbs?


3.3 ounces
130 calories/3.6 grams of carbs

While being widely regarded as one of the best cocktails around, this drink is also one of the better choices health-wise. The sweetness of the vermouth is masked elegantly with whiskey and bitters, which are alleged to have restorative properties and can alleviate an upset stomach. It’s smooth with a mild kick, leaving you satisfied but always wanting another sip. You’ll never feel out of place ordering this highly appreciated cocktail.


3 ounces
128 calories/0.42 grams of carbs

This drink will always charm, from the classy finish of the olives at the bottom of the glass, to the alluring woman always sitting at the end of the bar handling this transparent beauty. They don’t call it a classic for nothing. Vodka also helps to reduce stress, keep skin healthy, and curb bad-breath. 

Forgot your spearmint gum at home? Order this.


5 ounces
110-130 calories/4 grams of carbs

If people are buying decorative signs for their home to pronounce their love for this fermented goodness, it’s safe to say I won’t have to go into detail about why this should already be one of your favorite indulgences. But here’s why it’s actually healthy for you: wine promotes longevity, prevents breast and colon cancer, reduces risk of depression, has anti-aging properties, and prevents dementia. Even the American Heart Association promotes drinking wine in moderation for a healthy lifestyle.

Excuse me, sir, I’ll have another.


12 ounces
126 calories/10 grams of carbs

Let there be beer!

The beer-gods have listened and answered all of our prayers. This dark, Irish, dry stout has beaten out all the other frothy competitors when it comes to staying healthy. Say goodbye to lime-infused Coronas and hello to thick, velvety-rich hops, topped with creamy heads of sweetness. Guinness contains immune-boosting antioxidants similar to those found in certain fruits and vegetables, according to researchers from the University in Wisconsin.

If you’re the guy with the high-tolerance who can out-drink anyone, straight liquor should be your go-to, if you want to ensure your abs will be coming to bed with you.

While all of these drinks on the list are considered the healthiest option, bartenders can make any of these body-friendly drinks another 800 cal. disaster from all the syrups, added sugar and salted rims. To make sure your cocktail stays on the fit-list, explain to your mixologist exactly how you prefer your drink. Your waistline will thank you.

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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