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Balancing the fine art of living a healthy lifestyle:

our top 4 diet picks

Written by: Ankanee Lagunarajan | Edited by: Ashley J. Hassard

Remember that time that being fit AF was all the rage? Yeah, that was now.

Now remember that that time when working out alone was enough to keep you healthy? Yeah, that was never.

Let's break it down. Working out 4 to 5 days a week is great, but working out 4 to 5 days a week while only eating unhealthy food just isn't.

Why you might ask? Because for every pound you sweat off in the gym, you're putting on 2 or 3 by eating all that junk. Keep eating all the crap, and regardless of how much you're exercising, it just wont burn off. That's just how the scales work. 

Unfortunately, regardless of how whack it is, it's something that a lot of people do, and, as a result, their own results get messed with. Their energy levels go down, their progress stalls, and their gains decrease. That's why it's so key to find a diet that works for you. 

Now we all know there are a lot of different diets that are out there, and finding one that fits your lifestyle and income can be hard, but that's why I'm here! 

Here are my top picks of best fit-spired diets to keep you on the healthy train towards fitness success. 


atkins diet, skyn magazine

BREAKDOWN: Less carbs. More protein.
Ok, so this one was big way back in the day and everyone's probably heard of it by now, but it's still so great. The big thing about this diet is that it's recommended for those looking to lose weight. Basically when you're on it, you decrease the amount of carbs you ingest, and increase the amount of protein, so that when the body burns fuel, it burns fat. It's cool because it keeps your body fuelled and your energy levels up all day long - so less hunger, less cravings, and less weight gain. You lose weight while feeling full (which is kinda cool). Heads up, this one can be a bit tricky though, so if you're going to start it, definitely consult your doctor or at least verify your body type first. 


Vegan Diet, SKYN Magazine

BREAKDOWN: Plant based. No animal products.
Aright, so this one can be a bit controversial as it's often tied with personal morals and values, but those aside, there are definitely a lot of physical health benefits to going vegan that can be beneficial too. The idea behind this one is that you only eat food that doesn't involve animals. Like at all. So no meat, milk, eggs, or cheese. Just a heck of a lot of plants and vegetables and nuts. Since it is a plant based diet you get a whole bunch of foods that are highly rich in nutrients, which is great. Double bonus, your body isn’t exposed to the diseases that some animal products carry (like salmonella). There's also a whole bunch of vegan restaurants out there now so you can "try before you buy" and test out a few dishes to see if you’ll like the style of food before committing to the whole thing. 


vegetarian diet, skyn magazine

BREAKDOWN: Plant based with some animal products but no actual meat.
If starting a vegan diet is a bit scary, then maybe becoming vegetarian is a good start to test the waters. Vegetarians eat plant based foods as well, but don't avoid animal based products like honey, cheese, milk or eggs. It's cool because since you're still eating a lot of plant based foods, you're still getting a bunch of the nutrients that will help you lower your cholesterol and control your fat and calorie intake, but things are way less strict than the whole vegan thing. 


Ketogenic Diet, skyn magazine

BREAKDOWN: Less carbs, some protein, lots of (good) fat. 
This diet's relatively new, but is definitely making its way to the top. It focuses on increasing fats a bunch, eating moderate proteins, and decreasing carbs - it trains your body to burn fats instead of carbs, and you're way healthier for it. I see a lot of cook books out there that have ideas for those on this diet, so if you're looking for some great recipes, there are definitely some solid ones out there for this one. 

... and there you have it! Your four best diet bets for ultimate health and guaranteed fitness success. Ok, well maybe not guaranteed, but definitely helpful! 
Get moving, get eating, and enjoy!