It’s getting hot in here and it’s definitely because of these sexts 

By: Laura Anderson

Disclaimer: These responses get a little NSFW – okay, so maybe more than a little. A lot. It’s verbal porn. 

When it comes time to heat things up with your partner, sexting is typically the go-to crowd pleaser. And let’s be real, it’s much less terrifying than phone sex; especially if you have nosy roommates. Though sexting is so much easier than texting, the concept scares off a solid amount of men and women. Naturally we get a little insecure putting such promiscuous wishes into words. We worry it will get awkward real fast but it’s actually really simple. Typically if you just string along any combination of trigger words, you’re in the clear.

When it comes to sexting, trigger words are words like, “cock,” “dick,” “pussy,” “wet,” “deep,” “tight,” “mouth,” “fuck,” “inside,” etc. It sounds silly (not to mention incredibly graphic) but I’ll show you what I mean.

Example one, “I want my cock inside your tight pussy.”

Example two, “Come fuck my mouth.”
Example three, “I’m so wet, I want your dick deep inside me.”

See? Easy. Throw in a tit pic or dick pic every few texts and you’ll have em’ thinking you’re a pro. That being said, it’s no surprise these 15 men and 15 women revealed the following sexts as the steamiest they’ve ever received.

15 men say these are the sexts that got them h-a-r-d:

1.     “Anytime a girl calls me daddy.”

2.     “I once had a girl text me midday on a Tuesday that she couldn’t wait until I got home from work so she could ‘choke on my cock’, needless to say I left early that day.”

3.     “I knew my girlfriend was the one for me when she texted me that she wanted to ‘deep throat my balls.’ I didn’t even know that was a thing women wanted to do.”

4.     “If she says anything along the lines of riding me or being on top of me, that does the trick.”

5.     “I’ll never forget the time my girlfriend texted me that she wanted me to ‘fuck her face.’ We were making long distance work at the time and nothing got me more excited to see her again than that text.”

6.     “She sent me a picture of her tits with the caption, ‘come fuck these.’”

7.     “My favorite sexts are photos of her in her sexy little lingerie. Especially if the picture is of her ass over her back, that’s such a hot angle. “

8.     “My ex-girlfriend used to send me pictures of her legs spread open in front of her floor-length mirror. It was just – wow.”

9.     “If a woman bites her lips in a photo with any kind of seductive caption, I’ll go crazy. It’s just enough mystery.”

10. “I love being told what she wants me to do to her. That confidence is crazy hot.”

11. “I once dated this really kinky girl and she’d be super expressive about what she liked and how she liked it done. The detail was like reading porn.”

12. “Anytime a girl says she likes taking it from behind.”

13. “I got super turned on at, ‘I’m a submissive and I’ll let you dominate me.’”

14. “A girl once told me she wanted me to ‘fuck each one of her holes.’ So, that was a thing.”

15. “I’ve never gotten so hard after reading, ’I want your tongue down my throat and your dick in my pussy.’”

15 women say these are the sexts that got them w-e-t:

1.     “He said he was going to wrap his hands around my throat and choke me while he fucked me hard. Instant flood gates.”

2.     “Whenever a guy tells me to sit on his face my lady parts get real excited.”

3.     “I just love being told he’s going to ‘fill me up with his huge cock.’ Mmm yes please.”

4.     “Love me a good dick pic.”

5.     “I like the more sensual sexts like him telling me he’s going to kiss my earlobes and my neck while his fingers go to work.”

6.     “My boyfriend teases me while I’m in class and tells me to imagine his fingers inside me.”

7.     “I don’t really care for dick pics but I love a sexy man showing me his abs or arms.”

8.     “He said, ‘I’m going to massage your clit while I suck your neck,’ and I think I pre-came.”

9.     “Just last week a guy told me he wanted to, “feel me from the inside,” and I was like, oh, wow, okay then.”

10. “My boyfriend tells me how much he loves his face between my legs and knowing it gets him off, gets me off.”

11. “I know the guy knows what he’s doing if he texts me that he’s going to shove my legs over his shoulders.”

12. “I like the kinkier stuff so I get turned on if the guy I’m talking to tells me he’s going to punish me for being naughty…”

13. “My husband always threatens to pin me against the bed with my arms tied up if I don’t comply, so naturally I don’t comply.”

14. “The hottest sext? Hmm. A guy once told me he wanted to pleasure me until I was numb. That was hot as fuck.”

15. “He said, ‘I want you to cum all over me.’ Uh, yeah, sign me up.”

Laura C. Anderson | @s0mebl0nde


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