By: Amanda Cubello

The weekend is here, my friends, and with that comes the ultimate freedom; time to relax, gather with friends & family, and party way too late. We made sure to eat healthy and exercise religiously over the last five days in preparation for this glorious two-day affair. But sometimes we go a little overboard when it comes to weekend indulgences causing us to completely, for lack of a better word, f*** up our fitness groove. Those beers and loaded fries didn't exit quit as quickly as the weekend did, now did they? Yup...the weekend kicked our diets and gym flow out the window for the 6th week in a row.

If the routine of constantly having to regroup and restart your fitness at the beginning of each week is getting old, it's time to make a few changes. Here are ten tips to help you keep your healthy lifestyle all week long while still enjoying the freedom that comes along with the highly-anticipated weekend.


TIP #1
Don't stop exercising just because it's Saturday or Sunday. Even if it is a rest day, get outside and stay active. The couch begs us to tear into the bag of chips.

TIP #2
Avoid overindulging in Netflix. We can all attest to our favorite pastime, Netflix & Chill, but the more time we spend watching TV and staying stagnant for a long period of time, the more likely we are to give into all those fast food commercials and order take-out.

TIP #3
Happy Hour often turns into three long, drawn out happy days over the weekend -- we celebrate our week of hard work by ordering that extra margarita and forgetting it will catch up with us Monday morning.

TIP #4
We don't need to go out for every meal. We've got meal prepping down during the week and we've measured out the perfect serving of veggies and protein, bur for some reason we often neglect to factor the weekends into our portioned meals. 

TIP #5
Swap out the game day pizza and beer for veggie platters and vodka sodas. The traditional weekend game day go-tos don't need to cancel out your hard work at the gym all week. Pick an alcohol or liquor with less sugar and carbs. Vodka is always the healthier option when compared to beer or wine. Filling up on a more nutrient-based food like vegetables will allow you to still enjoy the pizza, but far less of it. Instead of three slices, one should kick the craving while keeping you satisfied.  

TIP #6
Make dinner before going out for the night. It's easier to make healthier food choices at home than it is at the bar. Plus, by fueling your body with the proper foods, you'll kick the third drink food craving and be less tempted to stop at the nearest Wendy's on the way home from the club.

TIP #7
If you have a cheat day on the weekend, make it only ONE cheat day. I know work-free days are for cutting loose, I mean, 'it's the freakin weekend,' right?! But we should continue to keep our discipline even if it is a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. I'm not saying eat a kale salad with no dressing but try a fruit smoothie while taking a leisurely walk through town, or try ordering off the skinny menu when going out for a bite to eat.

TIP #8
Pack healthy snacks if you're going on a day trip. Far too many times have we let our morning stomachs trick us into thinking we won't be hungry in three hours. Hint: we will be hungry, so lets prepare for it. Pack a small cooler with water, chips & guacamole, and some sandwiches. Don't let that beach-side hotdog stand ruin your week long fitness progress.

TIP #9
Find an activity to do. Sometimes we tend to make unhealthy choices based on boredom. Nothing to do? Let's grab lunch somewhere! Why is food always our go-to? If you love being outdoors, try grabbing a friend or significant other and go on a run/walk through the park, pick up a yoga class, or play a game of tennis at the nearest public court. Don't let food make your day plans, you'll not only miss out on fun activities but you'll soon regret those tacos and free soda refills.

TIP #10
Buy groceries for the entire week, not just for Monday-Friday. We always tell ourselves, I'll go on Sunday, but then Sunday turns to Monday, and sometimes Tuesday if we're too swamped with work or too tired from the weekend -- thus leading to, you guessed it, more take-out. By stocking up for 7 days, you'll no longer have the excuse of there being no food in the fridge.

However, make sure you still enjoy your weekend without being too hard on yourself. We work hard for our two days of freedom so appreciate every bit of it. Go to the parties, the BBQ's, the festivals, Mom's Sunday dinner, what have you, but be sure to continue making the healthy choices you do during the week. Moderation goes a long way! Have fun...but without the added calories.

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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