Name: Rania Pugholm

Age: 27

Location: Dubai





Photographer: Jimmy Gaglio

IG: @jimmygfoto


1.. What inspired you to get into this industry?

As a child growing up I was always fascinated by people who were well dressed, and I aspired to be like them. As I got older that developed into a keen interest in everything fashion, including modelling.

2. How long have you been modeling?

When I was 17 I was visiting a friend, where I met a photographer who got me started on modeling while I was living in Germany. He asked me if I did modeling, I said no, and a few weeks later I had my first contract.

3. Who is your favorite model?

Naomi Cambell, Andreana Lima and Kate Moss

4. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

No! I didn't know what exactly to expect when I first got started. I was very nervous and had no idea how to pose etc. for shoots. Fashion shows were even worse, couldn’t stop thinking that I would fall on stage. LOL I believe that no one is comfortable getting out there and starting a new job that they never done before, but you get over it and with time it becomes second nature.

5. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

No. I picked it up as I worked more and more and I am not afraid to ask if I am uncertain how to approach a certain job.

6. Do you have any tips for aspiring models in the industry?

Work hard, believe in yourself, and never stop watching and learning from others. Don't be afraid, none of us are born professionals.

7. Do you have a WTF moment at a shoot?

LOL, yeah there are lots of those. I was doing a full day shoot for an up and coming designer which normally involves say, 10-12 outfits, but this designer had prepared literally every single piece in his collection (more than 60 outfits). That was a very looong day.

8. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modelling?

Junk food. With all the models trying to stay fit you would be surprised to learn that we are served junk food at by far the majority of fashion shows, shoots etc. Haha.

9. Tell us something random about yourself.

When I need to de-stress I paint. I love paiting, it's good therapy for me.

10. What are you most proud of?

Of how far I have come and that I have manage to realize so many of my dreams.

11. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as?

I would like to be remembered as a successful business woman who never backed down from a challenge and built herself from nothing.