Meet Solomon Bullet, the 22 year old who's changing the face and sound of Richmond City. 

SKYN: Tell us about yourself. Who are you? (answer this however you interpret it)

SB: I am a very riveting person, uprooting from the heart of Richmond City. I currently reside in Richmond, Virginia at the age of 22. I grew up with my mother and grandmother, constantly keeping me grounded, while on the path to success with whatever it is that I am interested in. Watching my mom work to support me while owning her own salon gave me the motivation to work hard for whatever goals I want to achieve. I started to show interest in music at a young age because of my mother’s musical background. But I didn’t seriously pursue a music career until the age of 19. 

SKYN: That's amazing. Really it is. SO you say you showed an interest in music and pursuing a music career, where did that lead you? What are you now? 

SB: I am a recording artist first, but also a producer, photographer, fashion stylish, and graphic designer.

SKYN: Sounds like you've got yourself one might long (and incredibly impressive) business card! With a clear draw to the arts and, specifically, music. It seems to have had an incredibly big impact in your life. Where do you think that musical influence came from? What made you so drawn to it?

SB: My family played a tremendous role in my musical interest. My mother was a singer in a musical group, so she exposed me to music at an early age. The way music can alter your feelings and the mood you are in is what gravitated me to it. How you can be sad or under the weather, but one song can brighten your entire day. The song that made me realize this was when my mother played John Legend’s 'So High' when I was younger. I was having a bad day at school and the way his melody flowed over the beat completely changed my whole mood.

SKYN: It really is such a powerful song, isn't it? Now only were you heavily influenced by songs then, but we hear you're now holding quite the influence. Being a huge musical influencer yourself, where do you get your inspiration from now?

SB: I get a lot of my inspiration from my past, day to day experiences and Richmond’s culture. I like to surround myself with as much art as possible to spark new ideas and concepts. 

SKYN: It really is amazing how grounded you are within it all. The inspiration just comes to you, and you stay so humble. Especially considering the fact that you make a heck of a lot of music. Since you do create so much, we’ve gotta also assume that you listen to a heck of a lot as well. What other artists influence you and your music?

SB: I take influences from artist such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Travis Scott, Young thug, Young Dolph, Kacy Hill, Yung Lean, Future, 2 Chainz, and Yohannes just to name a few. I try my best to not recreate them but to take something that they do well and incorporate it in my own sound. But I always on the hunt for new music and influences through Soundcloud, Twitter and other media outlets.

SKYN: Ok now that we know all that could you tell us something random about yourself? Something we may not already know.

SB: Some people might not believe this but I have never eaten red meat or drank cow milk. I only drink almond milk. It is not for religious reason either as most people might think.

SKYN: Really?! Oh wow. Ha, we'll have to get into that next time. For now though, we'd love to know what are you most proud of that you've done so far?

SB: I’m most proud of the currently rebuilding the music culture in the city of Richmond one project at a time. The city of Richmond doesn’t have a genuine sound, so I want to be the one to pioneer it.

SKYN: That's dope. Such a pioneer. Being a trailblazer who is trying to go where no one has gone before in terms of Richmond sound, where do you see yourself going in the next year? What do you hope to accomplish?

SB: I want to bring the hip hop culture back to Richmond, while making Richmond a prime city for people in the entertainment industry. And I also want to build a platform for other Richmond artists. I plan to be going on a 60 city tour by this time next year.

SKYN: That's so cool. We love how loyal you are to your city. It really is inspiring and we're sure will really strike a cord with those who live there. It seems like you’re really in this for the long haul, so we’d love to know, what do you hope Solomon Bullet's legacy will be? What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

SB: First and foremost I want to rebuild and solidify Richmond in the hip hop culture. Richmond doesn’t have its own sound like other major cities such as Atlanta and New York. As a result, giving other Richmond artist avenues to gain exposure in the field of their choosing. But musically, I want to have a number 1 album on the Billboard 100, have my music played around the world, and become the inspiration for a new artist.

SKYN: Dope man. Well we wish you nothing but the best! Keep at it and we can't wait to see where you'll go! 




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