When it comes to kicks, we're all about two major things: style and comfort. 

... and thanks to Skechers, we've now got the best of both worlds, all rolled into two of our newest favourites: The Skechers Go Run 400s and the Skechers Bursts.

Complete with a sleek and classic style, these Skechers Go Run 400s are the perfect fit to keep any run comfortable. 

With synthetic overlays, 5Gen midsole material for the step, and breathable mesh fabric on both sides, these kicks will have you feeling like you're walking on a freakin' cloud. 

Our next pick for top comfort menswear are by far the Skechers Burst with Air-Cooled Memory Foam

Ok, so we know the sheer name of these shoes is bit of a mouthful, but TRUST US when we say, you won't regret it. Legit the most comfortable shoes in the world, these long-wear sneakers are made complete with comfort fuelled technology that is guaranteed to put a bounce in every single step. 


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Special thank you to SKECHERS Canada & Katelyn Hodgson 

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