Photography: David Lopez | @viisiionarynow
Article: Ashley Hassard | @thehassard

These aren't your old SKECHERS. They're not the ones you wore as a kid on the playground, or took your mom to the gym in. They're not the retro fit flashback to the 90's that we're all so used to. These are the new generation. The tailored generation. The detailed generation. And trust us when we say, what they've got now, is totally going to blow your mind. 

SKYN stepped up this week at the SKECHERS VIP event to check out what's new, what's hot, and where the brand is now. 

First thing's first, SKECHERS has come a long way. From humble beginnings in 1992 making utility-style boots to the sleek, colourful, and celebrity packed marketing dream that it is now, the brand sure has come a long way. Diversifying itself in every possible way including casual, athletic, and dress style for men, women and children, SKECHERS is constantly reinventing the wheel with 7000 styles of shoes to choose from. 

Not only that, but they're actually a business with a heart. After being challenged by TOMS to create a of line shoes that gives back, SKECHERS went to the drawing board and came back with BOBS, a whole line of shoes that look just like TOMS, and give back just like TOMS, but feel just like a SKECHERS - aka helluh comfortable. 

Don't worry though - for all of you traditionalists out there, they've still got that classic athletic Skecher that you know and love. Whether it's the 90's inspired rounded toe fan favorites, or the bubbly and bright performance inspired athletic wear, there's still a way to get those traditional SKECHERS you know and love. 

Between the sleek new styles and extreme relaxed fit, it's safe to say that the MARK NASON line was by far our favourite. With stitching inspired by Coach, style taken off the runway, and that ridiculously comfortable "relaxed fit", we'd take a pretty good guess in saying they might have just nailed our new favourite everyday shoe. Legit.

Combining all your favourite elements from the best streetwear brands, Mark Nason mastered casually styled foot swag with leather detailing, smooth lines, and polished finish making these kicks the signature breakaway from the standard Skechers look. 

Overall though the event was great, and thanks to some sweet treats from Village Juicery, Progressive, and Genuine Health, invitees were just as fuelled from the inside as the were by the innovation all around. With guest appearances by fitness personality Jill Bunny (@fitbunnyjill) and the founder of Jock Yoga Michael Decorte (@Michael_Decorte), the event felt inspired, empowered, and yet totally approachable and real. 

Special thank you to SKECHERS Canada & Katelyn Hodgson for having us! 

To find your perfect pair of SKECHERS, head to



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