We were first introduced to Scott Kish at Soho House in Toronto, and instantly fell in love. With his bold strokes, and fluid techniques , Scott's art is the epitome of sensual art in motion. 

SKYN: Ok Scott, so we obviously know your art, but we'd love to know the man behind it. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

SK: I grew up in a sports minded family, and was always active and involved in sport.

SKYN: What? That's wild. But you're so creative!

SK: My primary creative interest in my high school years was woodworking / carving. I didn't really create throughout University, but was anxious to start up again as I approached graduation. As I studied Kinesiology, my primary interest back then was illustrating / painting the human body. It seemed a natural segue between my background, education and the arts.

SKYN: Absolutely, it definitely would be. We have to ask though, if your family was sports minded, what got you into the arts? Were you always artistic?

SK: I was always creating. From the time I was very young when I wanted to draw everything, to exploring working with wood, which was encouraged by my grandfather. My education sparked my pursuit of medical illustration, then painting in oils was based on a personal desire.

SKYN: That's so fascinating. Well we can definitely see the medical illustration influence, it's clear you've got a strong focus on the body and motion. Where do you think that interest came from?

SK: I had tried depicting motion on canvas for my senior thesis project in my final year of high school art. Attending University to study Kinesiology, the science of human movement, I enhanced my understanding of the human body and how it moves, which enabled a deeper understanding of the subject matters I paint today.

SKYN: That's phenomenal. There's such a structured method to your creative madness. How do you choose your subjects?

SK: It is difficult to explain the desire to paint one subject matter over another. An idea gets into your head, and it sits front and centre in your thoughts until you paint it and get it out.

SKYN: Where does the inspiration come from though? 

SK: This could be elicited by personal experiences, images seen in magazines, or even a visualization formed from a song heard while driving.

SKYN: Wow - guess inspiration really can come from anywhere. How long does it typically take you to create a piece?

SK: I start and finish a piece in the same day, as I need to blend the oil paint to create the motion effect before it starts to dry.

SKYN: Wow! That's incredible! So we now know you work incredibly quickly and are inspired by everything around you. Are there any individuals who add to that? What other artists or creatives inspire you?

SK: I am inspired by the works of architects, photographers, sculptors and painters alike.

SKYN: Ah, the various creators of the world. We can absolutely see how they'd serve as perfect inspiration. As an artist your craft has evolved a lot over the years, where would you like to see it going?

SK: I would like to keep developing my line of motion art, as well as photography, something I took up a few years ago. It is important that I constantly explore new ideas and technically improve my craft as I move through time.

SKYN: Fascinating. You recently had a showing at Soho House Toronto, where we actually first discovered you, got any other showings coming up?

SK: I am currently interested in developing some new concepts right now, but I think I am going to involved in a project in Chicago where my paintings will be shown.

SKYN: Amazing. We're sure it's going to be a great show. Where would your dream gallery be?

SK: Somewhere warmer than here. Perhaps the Caribbean.

SKYN: Ha, fair enough. What about this one. What do you hope for your art?

SK: I would love people to automatically recognize my work years down the line without looking at the name attached. This would mean that I had achieved a unique way of expressing my ideas while maintaining a consistency in approach.

SKYN: Well you're certainly well on your way. Thanks for chatting with us Scott! 

To find out more about Scott, head to one of the links below | @kish.scottkishstudio | Scott