Meet Sam Sadaghiani, the ancient soul with a creative eye who's telling tales and capturing our hearts. 

Sam Sadaghiani SKYN Magazine

SKYN: Sam, thanks for sitting down with us. We've seen your artistic pieces pop up all over and have been dying to find out, who the heck is Sam Sadaghiani?

SS: I’ve been told that I have an ancient soul, all I know is that I’m just navigating through this cosmic space trying to best express myself.


SKYN: Ha, well that is quite the answer now isn't it. Alright Miser Ancient Soul, what got you into photography? 

SS: My original background was drawing and painting, however I felt a level of disconnect from what was in my mind and what ended up on the paper/canvas. Bringing that imagery to a more tangible 3D space definitely helped bring life to those concepts.

Pandora - Sam Sadaghiani - SKYN Magazine

SKYN: Oh for sure, we can totally see that. It's no wonder there's such life in your imagery. What do you feel makes your work unique? 

SS: Most of the imagery comes from my dreams and memories. With that, comes scenes often surreal enough to offer their own connections and interpretations for the viewer.

SKYN: For sure - it's neat how that really comes through. What we personally love about you is that you're not just a photographer, you're actually a storyteller. Tell us a bit about that dimension to your photographic art. 

SS: I’ve always been fascinated by stories. From ancient mythology to the infinite tales that sadly often go untold. I’m still learning how to better communicate my thoughts and emotions, but my art has always been my first and favourite medium for telling that story.

SKYN: And you tell it so well. It truly is inspiring. Who or what inspires you? 

SS: Salvador Dali changed my perspective on art. Growing up I had always studied art history and admired the classical renaissance and technical Da Vinci-esque approach, however Dali opened my eyes to the infinite ways one can express themselves in a surreal space. However, my main influence will always be my sister, the wonderful writer and story teller. Growing up, she used to read me her stories. It’s what got me obsessed with finding and telling stories. She’s left big shoes for me to fill but she’s also my motivation for being my best self.

SKYN: ...and that might just be the sweetest and most genuine thing we've ever heard. Ok, sweetest aside, let's talk practicality. You not only shoot in metropolitan cities like Toronto, but also abroad on remote tropical beaches. What do you find is the most challenging part about shooting on location like that? 

SS: I usually love to have very detailed plans and schematics when it comes to approaching any project, but what I’ve learned helps most is the art of adaptation and improvisation! With that said, never go in blind. Always do your homework! 

SKYN: Ha, very good advice. If you had to be stranded on one of the islands you shoot on, what would be three must-have items you couldn't live without?  

SS: Seeing how I’ve nearly been in this situation before… a sketchbook, a pen, a dog.

SKNY: What a combo! Great company and a solid outlet, definitely all you need. Speaking of company, it can't all be canine. You actually work with people quite a bit too so we're sure there's some good company there too. Being a photographer you get the opportunity to work with some phenomenal people, what would you say are your top 3 pieces of advice for working with models? 

SS: I adore everyone that has helped me make art throughout the years. Most of whom I’m more than lucky to call my friends. 

In this industry it’s very much a collaborative effort and so, everyone involved deserves the same level of respect. 

It’s always a process. From concept to casting, wardrobe and makeup, to final product, it can definitely take some time. Patience is always key. I’ve had concepts that have taken half a decade to finally shoot and execute before! Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Communication is the most important thing. Making sure the whole team is on the same page and aiming towards the same goal. I’ve found that really helps streamline projects and help make magic!

SKYN: Ugh, yes. We couldn't agree more. What's been your most memorable shoot to date? Have there been any? 

Narcissus by Sam Sadaghiani - SKYN Magazine.jpg

SS: Very hard to chose but I think it might have to be my “Narcissus” series. It had taken me over 3 years to plan, cast and organize it. It finally came down to a last minute call, a quick blind wardrobe purchase, and with the help of the magical people involved, it came together perfectly and became one of my favourite sets to date.

Nothing beats the feeling of wrapping up those big long overdue projects!

SKYN: The most satisfying of experiences for sure. Next to seeing completed images for sure. What would you say is your most memorable image to date? Any one stand out in particular? If so, why? 

Sam Sadaghiani - Ashley Hassard - SKYN Magazine

SS: I tried finding an example for the sake of this question, but the images that kept coming to mind are the ones that never were. The moments I’ve long wished I had a camera in hand, yet didn’t. However one shouldn’t beat themselves up for fully getting lost in those moments. Great art can come from those memories.

SKYN: How eloquent, and oh so true. It seems as if everyone these days is becoming some form of creative or another. Why do you think there's been this massive surge? 

SS; With the rise of social media, I think people feel the need to express themselves as individuals more than ever before. Which is absolutely fantastic! Everyone you see along your way today has their own countless collection of unique stories and experiences and I love to see that individuality expressed.

SKYN: Most definitely. Now on the page of individual expression, what do you hope to express? What do you hope to be able to do with your work? Is there some higher purpose that you see to it? A mission? A vision? A goal?  

SS: I want to be a storyteller. As much as I love putting out my own story in my art, I’d love to be able to give voice to those whom may not have one. I want to make people think and bring to light the stories that could go untold.

SKYN: Well, that you most certainly are, and that you most certainly do. Thanks for chatting with us Sam - and happy story tales! 

A Gentleman is only a patient Wolf - Sam Sadaghiani - SKYN Magazine.jpg

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