That time SKYN Magazine got invited to an evening of avant-garde burlesque at Toronto's famous MOD CLUB. 

Produced by Concrete Vertigo Productions and performed by the ridiculously smokin' team from HOT in HEELS: Canada, 'PILLOWTALK' was full of sexy performances, mind blowing moves, and sultry sounds. 

Featuring choreography by the one and only Angela Mahoney and music direction by Cameron Walker Fox Revett, it certainly was a collection of talents.

We sat down with Mr. Fox Revett to discuss the show, his thoughts, and everything 'Ruby Red'. 

SKYN: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Cameron. That was an incredible show! We'd love to know - What inspired PILLOWTALK? Why did you want to put on this type of show? 

CWFR: "Ruby Red Burlesque," of which I am both producer and music director, needed to be launched to the public. Staying true to our values of high quality performance art that explores themes of sexuality, diversity and body image positivity, PILLOWTALK emerged as a platform to establish both the artistic quality of "Ruby Red Burlesque," as well as its clarity of its societal perspective.

SKYN: So neat! Definitely something that needs to be out in the world. Now you produced this show right? Did you have any other help in terms of producing it or presenting it? It really was such a cool collection of performances. 

CWFR: The show was produced by me, but presented by HOT IN HEELS: CANADA and Concrete Vertigo Productions. Hot In Heels is the company operated by "Ruby Red Burlesque's" choreographer Angela Mahoney, and Concrete Vertigo Productions is the not-for-profit company in charge of "Ruby Red Burlesque." Angela has had the career that only some are fortunate enough to even emulate. She has worked with every person under the sun, even recently performed at the NBA: ALL STARS game as Sting's dancer. 

SKYN: That's so amazing on so many different levels. Really though. Sounds like a total dynamite combination if you ask me. Every performance turned out so well,  and so we totally get it that it might be hard to choose, but tell us Cameron, did you have a favourite?! 

CWFR: My favourite performance was hands down the double-whammy of "PILLOWTALK" performed by Hot In Heels, then my original arrangement of Rihanna's "Diamonds," as performed by Samantha Rose Barozzino. The two performances were entirely representative of what the night was intended to be - people taking the stage because they had something they wanted to say to us in the audience... not to mention that the chair-ography of "PILLOWTALK" was a stroke of genius on Angela Mahoney's part. 

SKYN: That's amazing. Really and truly. And those chairs were wild - we were literally watching in awe from the audience at the sultry composure, poise, and balance that those girls had up there with them. Not to mention Samantha's voice! Hot damn, that girl can certainly sing! Now you've kind of touched on this a bit but we're curious to ask, what do you hope to accomplish with events like PILLOWTALK and Ruby Red Burlesque?

CWFR: "Ruby Red Burlesque" is many things. On a team-level, we want to put on a show that is as equally inspiring creatively, as it is intellectually. On a personal level, I want to work in this industry for my entire life, but if I am going to put my life into this work, I intend on allowing other peoples' voices to speak. I want to tell the stories that the people at the top of the industry food chain are turning blind eyes to - and I'll be carrying that with me all throughout "Ruby Red Burlesque." 

SKYN: Phenomenal. And last but not least,  how can people who want to get more involved get in touch with you guys?

CWFR: Right now, the biggest way to get involved is by sharing and donating to our IndieGoGo campaign to support costume costs. (launches this Wednesday) We have an amazing designer who works with Bustle, and has done work for Opera Atelier. On top of that we have very special partnerships with Swarovski and Couture Mask (among others to be announced). Each and every dime people invest into our campaign is being reflected back with runway-ready fashion, intent on revolutionizing live theatre. The link is below! On top of that, we are always looking for ways to collaborate! I encourage anyone with anything to say to email me at concretevertigoproductions.ca. This is a team effort. And we want [you] to be on our team!

If you'd like to help support Ruby Red Burlesque head to their INDIE GOGO page to donate now:

Or check them out at:
concretevertigo.ca | ConcreteVertigoProductions |
@concretevertigoproductions | concretevertigoproductions@gmail.com

And connect with Cameron at:


Natali Liconti | www.natalieliconti.com



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