The face behind @BeYouSpirit

She's got 141,000 people following her every move, and yet, no matter how much attention she gets, Miss Paula is still as humble as pie. 

SKYN: Hey Paula, thanks so much for sitting down with us. 141k followers know you as  @beyouspirit, but who do you see yourself as? Who are you? 

P: It's not easy to answer. I'm doing so many things. I've started as creative director and photographer. Right now, we can say that I'm a digital influencer and founder of the Bite Me shop

SKYN: Very cool indeed. Now what got you into being an influencer?

P: Last couple of years I was a leader in a few marketing departments and my own creative studio. I knew how powerful social media was, so I've decided it's time to start going in that direction : )

SKYN: Fair enough. You do seem to have a knack for it. You've got an incredible amount of followers, what do you think makes @BeYouSpirit such a success?

P: To be honest I have just started - I'm still working on quality of the images. I have a vision how I want it to look like. I'm trying to only post about things I really love and care about. I'm not posting xxxx times a day, so you won't find a lot of "spam” in my feed. I'm also very active, always ready to answer : )

SKYN: Sounds like great tips for any aspiring influencer! We can tell you'd make a great mentor for someone starting out at this. Do you have any more tips for anyone looking to start getting into that industry?!

P: Find something unique. Tom Ford used to say - find what you love and let it kill you. Be creative, active and professional. Be patient.. and have your own vision!

SKYN: Wise words from a wise lady. From your photos and posts you seem so confident, were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?!

P:Oh no! Do I really seem confident? I'm still working on that confidence. I'm always trying a ton of poses just to check which one could be the best for me. Usually I just know what I want to achieve

SKYN: Well you could have fooled us! How long have you been influencing?

P: I decided to make it serious in November 2015

SKYN: So not that long at all! Funny, because in such a short time you've made such a strong impact. We know you're a lot of people's favourite influencer, but who is yours?

P: I love Elin Kling and Kristina Bazan

SKYN: Great influencers! What about when it comes to the entities you work with. Do you have a favourite company or brand that you've worked with?

P: I love all companies that I'm working with. I don't have any favourites.

SKYN: The ultimate dream, working with all the best. When it comes to the best did you have any best mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

P: Internet! Other thing - I finished public relations and corporate identity at University where I learned a lot. Instagram is just a new platform where you can build something.

SKYN: Absolutely! Ok so aside from being quite educated and really sweet, tell us something random about yourself.

P: I can't live without my frenchie Sandy : )

SKYN: Ha, so cute. Besides being such an influential influencer, what are you most proud of?

P: I think running my own company. It's a big challenge. You need to be disciplined, confident and, of course, creative.

SKYN: For sure. You've done a great job at mastering that and done so much in such a short span of time, we'd love to know, what are some of your best memories of the past year?

P: I love traveling so I guess all trips are always best memories.

SKYN: Makes sense. Anything else?

P: Sandy came to me last February - it was a big deal for me and one of the best decisions in my life. I founded BITE ME.. I've started my instagram account. I've meet so many amazing people..

SKYN: Sounds like it's been quite the year! What about when it comes to next? What are some of your goals for 2016?!

P: I want to make it the best year in my life, whatever it means.

SKYN: And when that's all said and one what do want to be remembered as?

P: I've always been a person who takes care of close people. In the end, I want to be loved and remembered as a person with golden heart. 

SKYN: Well to us, you most certainly are. Best of luck Paula and thanks for chatting with us! 

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