Crowned one the top shooters in The Six, EAMES has been killing it on the streets, online, and on some of the front pages of your favourite magazines. 

Check out EAMES' boss new set for NUDE WORLD WIDE here: 

Self-taught LA based photographer Max Reyes is making art and taking names. With his keen eye & talented shutter skills, this surf influenced, street credible, & eye catching photographer will have you begging for more of his beautiful raw images. 

Check out Max's take on Nude World Wide's recent hat trick Here:

Passionate, talented, and ridiculously driven, Roby Supreme is one LA's newest up and comers. A top notch shooter who not only captures dope ass shots, but also creates dope ass products, he's stepping up the game and leaving a stylish wake in his path. 


Who better to showcase the brand than
Nude's very own Roby Supreme?!
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Skyn Mag: Hey Roby, congratulations with making it so big with Nude World Wide! Nude World Wide has only just hit the scene and it's already starting to make some major waves worldwide. From the streets of LA to the rooftops of Toronto, it seems as if you're just popping up everywhere!  But we totally get that there are always a few who haven't yet heard about you, so for those who don't know, can you tell us a bit about who you are and what Nude World Wide is exactly? 

Roby: First off let me say I’m stoked for this interview & on joining the Skyn family. 

Skyn Mag: Aw, we’re so glad to hear that! We’re very happy to have you with us. Since you’re becoming such a staple, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? Who exactly are you?

Roby:  Well my full name's Dwight Robinson, also known as Roby Supreme. I’m a designer and Los Angeles based photographer from Ontario, CA and the founder of Nude World Wide. NUDE actually means New Understanding Deep Expectations and my whole thought process behind naming the brand was for people to accept who they are and be comfortable in their own skin. Be NUDE to the world, that’s really being just yourself. We're not all just trying to be the same and not letting people's opinions shape who you decide to be. A New Understanding of who and what you are. Deep Expectations for yourself and where you’re headed.

Skyn Mag: What made you want to start a streetwear brand? Did any one thing or person put you on these goals?

Roby:  I’d have to say honestly skateboarding! I was super committed to it at a young age and the lifestyle. I saw all these brands, and skaters, and photographers out doing what they loved and it made me kind of a dreamer. It gave me the belief I could get out there and do it too. I can’t say one person inspired me directly, but I do have people currently that really influence me to keep pushing the envelope on creative direction and design.

   Kanye West

   Pharrell Williams

   Jerry Lorenzo (Fear of God)

   Van Styles (Photographer owner of V/SUAL)

   Vashtie Kola 

Just to name a few…...

Skyn Mag: Ha, well that is quite the inspirational bunch. Definitely love more than a few on that list, but not as much as we love the "You're lucky $he's not my type" hat! Where the heck did you think of that? 

Roby:  It’s crazy because I got together with my staff about an up-coming season of Polo style hats that I wanted to design, but I knew I wanted to make the dopest slogan possible in the game. I wanted to embrace our personality, and challenged my staff to come up with something that did…lol. Our Style Director hit it right on the nose. It's great when your staff can see your vision being brought to life and execute it. We knew it was dope…but this feedback is amazing.

Skyn Mag: Very cool indeed. And if our readers wanted to pick up one of these gems, where abouts would you be sending them? Online? In Stores?

Roby: We will have all of our product available on our website 9/12/15, but log on quick, we're expecting really high traffic and the product will move fast.

Hit us up...

Skyn Mag: Wicked. Well it's clear that it's going far.  Where do you see Nude World Wide headed? Ie. if you could see into the future, where would we be seeing NWW?

Roby: We're going worldwide. I want to open up stores all over globe.

LA, SF, ATL, NY, JPN, PARIS in that order. That’s our dream!

Skyn Mag: Well we definitely think you're on the right track for that. And we definitely think you're top class, because this stuff isn't ever easy. It's tough business starting up a brand. What were some of the challenges (if any) that you faced when starting up Nude World Wide? 

Roby:  Just actually getting started. People, myself included, waste too much time doubting their vision and their dreams. Once I started investing time in myself and my dreams things got rolling. The hardest step is always taking the first one. 

Skyn Mag: What sort of advice would you toss out to other entrepreneurs thinking about making their big dreams come true? 

Roby: Struggle breeds success, so no matter what your environment is you can always find fuel to achieve your goals. Surround yourself with people that have the same aspirations as you, don’t waste your time, skills, or relationships with people. Network for you Net worth…..

Skyn Mag: Ha, dope - we couldn't have said it better ourselves.  And last but not least, any last words? 

Roby:  Yes dream big, live big I started off taking pictures renting camera gear, and photoshop time at a local shop just to try to be productive on my weekends, and now my work is getting noticed all over the world…it’s amazing what faith can do when it’s mixed with a little bit of vision, and some hard work!!!

Skyn Mag: You said it! Now any final thoughts?

Roby: I’d like to give a special shout out to Ashley over at Skyn and the rest of your talented and amazing staff you guys rock…and thank you everyone for taking the time to check me out & hear a little bit about my brand.  This isn’t the last you’ve scene of NUDE x SKYN so stay tuned…. 

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Thanks guys, 

Much Love 


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