N I C O L A  V I S U A L S

"I am an artist and visionary. Instead of a paint brushes or pencils, I use a camera, lenses lights and angles to create my art." 

"Photography is my passion and my portraits are as much about the settings and lighting as it is the subject. I thrive to take the beauty of a place and the beauty of the subject with just the right light and combine them seamlessly.  Whether it's beautiful woman in a high rise in Time Square, a city roof top, an abandoned building in upstate NY, or a snow covered road in the Adirondacks Mts." 


SKYN: What inspired you to do what you do?

NR: Snowboarding inspired me to do what I do. Since a young age I have loved to snowboard. I would all ways ask my mother if I could take her good camera to Mt so I could take pictures and videos of my friends. Since she had visions of her good camera being dropped in the snow and run over time and time again she purchased me a cheap point and shoot. I was approximately 12 maybe 13 years old when I received that camera and I have never put it down since.  I started taking these types of pictures when I was about 17. Already well know in my area for taking good pictures in general,  I was approached by someone who wanted pin up pictures taken and so it began. From my pictures everyone has all ways thought I was much older and would not realize until we meet in person for a shoot just how young I was. Seeing their faces for the first time when they realized I was the photographer was always funny and still is to this day. 

SKYN: Ha, that's actually really funny. Well whatever your age, you've got the talent of a solid vet.

SKYN: Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

NR: As for an actual mentor I do not have one, but people who helped mold and guide me would be my friends, family and professors.

SKYN: That's wicked. All about who you surround yourself with for sure. What about favorite pictures, do you have a favorite that you've taken?

NR: I would have to say my favorite pictures would be a series I have been working on this past year for school of my grandmother.

SKYN: That's wicked! I'm sure with your eye and skill for visual storytelling it's going to turn out incredible. 

SKYN: Ok, so out of everyone, who was your favorite subject to work with?

NR: Favorite subject I worked with was a man called Brother Joe and the Church of what’s happening now AKA Junk yard Joe.  While traveling in the North Country in Upstate NY I saw a for-sale sign pointing in a lot filled with junk, or some would say "treasures".  Something made me stop, and I ran across this man living in a conversion van on the side of the road surrounded by junk.  On the side of his van read 'Brother Joe and the church of what’s happening now'.  I ended up spending the day with Brother Joe and getting an amazing set of photos of him and his many treasures.  Defiantly a favorite subject and quite a character.

SKYN: What was the most difficult shot you ever had to get?

NR: Climbing to the top of a water tower on a high rise in NYC which was some 30 stories up.

SKYN: Yup, that'd be pretty tricky. Ok, so besides be a total daredevil, tell us something random about yourself.

NR: I’m an Eagle Scout  lol no Joke.

SKYN: What was one big challenge that you had to overcome in all your journeys? 

NR: One of my biggest obstacles/challenges I face and am working to overcome is being a full time college student and a full time photographer. I am in my junior year at Syracuse University where I am a Photo Major. When I am not in classes, lectures, or writing 10 page papers I am in the studio or on location shooting. I manage to do at the least one shoot every day, but most days consist of upwards to three. Working around classes means early mornings, late nights and weekends, and though I am currently based out of Syracuse New York there isn’t a City or state I won’t travel to to obtain that perfect shot.

SKYN: Do you have any tips for aspiring new photographers in the industry?

NR: Work hard, Believe in what you do and stay true to yourself.

SKYN: What are some of your goals for 2016?

NR: To be published.

SKYN: Ha, well you've definitely got that covered here. Alright, and last one, when it's all over what do you want to be remembered as?

NR: Remember me as someone who loved what he did every day of his life.




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