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With an avant-gard style, and sleek minimalists lines, NemräC Style brings urban fashion to the runway. We say down with the brains behind Nemräc Style Carmen Popescu to chat style, design, and fashion innovation. Catch the full interview here. 

SKYN: It's so great to meet you Carmen! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me. OK let's just jump into it, tell me about NemraC Style! What is it and what's it all about? 

CP: NemräC Style is a Canadian Clothing Brand based in Montreal launched in 2013. We offer timeless sophisticated and urban designed feminine and masculine collections that extend the boundaries of the unexpected through an innovative vision of fashion, elegance and refinement. From design, to pattern making and production, every step is HAND MADE in Montreal, Canada.

SKYN: Sounds really dope! The urban elegance and timeless refinement are definitely detectable in all of your pieces, that is for sure. We also love the fact that every step of it is hand made - it's the ultimate personal touch. What else makes this brand stand out?

CP: The brand’s distinguished day and night color palette consists in a contrasting assortment between black, gray and white with a pinch of unexpected color at times. The sleek and minimalist lines suggest an important concern for discretion and meticulous detailed exertion. Similarly, the rich mixtures of materials bring out in every outfit appealing contrasting effects that translate the avant-garde geometric aesthetic.

SKYN: 10,000%. It's edgy, it's fashionable, and it's so well fitting. Really, the whole collection is really refreshing and adds that certain understated yet stylish flare to the fashion scene. Why did you decide to create NemraC Style? 

CP: I’ve always wanted to share my love for creating and vision of art and fashion on a plateform. That said, it was really after finishing my internship at Fashion House JeanPaulKnott ( during my 2nd year of Bachelor’s Degree) that I knew this was my calling. During this internship I was lucky enough to see all the steps and different departments that work together in order to get each collection fulfilled.  I was able to watch and study the designer’s work and his methods. I realized that this life proposed a lot of sacrifices but also a lot of rewards.

SKYN: That's amazing! Sounds like it was a really neat experience, and it definitely had a huge influence on you. We love the lines and angles that permeate the whole collection, where do you draw your inspiration for the designs from? 

CP: Having flirted once with the idea of becoming an architect, I have a deep appreciation with clean, structural lines. I often get inspired when travelling and observing different types of both old and new architectural projects. I also am a big ART lover, in every way of the term. I also get inspired my dancers’ movements and abstract paintings. My fascination for geometry and movement has become an intrinsic part of NemräC Style’s singular style. Characterized by Sophisticated Chic and Classic symmetry, the brand extends the boundaries of the unexpected through an innovative vision of fashion, elegance and refinement.

 SKYN: We can totally see that! Ok so aside from architecture, art, and movement, are there any other designers or artists who inspire you? Anyone within the fashion industry? 

CP: I have always been a big fan of Balenciaga’s work. I absolutely love the Fashion’s House perfectionist eye for detail and art. Balenciaga was in my opinion one of the Masters in Fashion History. He revolutionized volumes and shapes in couture and brought a new vision to Fashion and Art. He will forever be one of my first and most important inspiring designer.

 SKYN: Aw, that's an amazing choice! Anyone else? 

CP: I am also an admirer of Spanish painter Salvador Dali. I’ve always been amazed with his surrealist work and all of his deep tone messages behind every piece. I don’t only respect him as the amazing artist he is but also for his determination of never giving up. I find it very inspiring… As he would say quote “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

 SKYN: Amen to that! We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Speaking of ambition, you're about to showcase your work at Startup Fashion Week, How do you feel about that? Excited? Nervous? 

CP: I am extremely enthusiastic about showcasing my work at the Startup Fashion Week! First and foremost I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be selected within the 5 finalists for this years Future for Fashion Runway. I was very much hoping to be part of the SFW but wasn’t expecting it. As this will be my first time showcasing my work in Toronto I am a little nervous! I would absolutely love to be able to expand the brand in Toronto and around the rest of the province.

SKYN: Well based off your innate passion, your beautiful designs, and your clear drive, we sure you'll be more than able to! Since you are pegged to make such an impact, what sort of message do you want to get across with your line? What do you want your legacy to be? 

CP: I wish my line to be an inspiration residing within art and geometric echo denouncing and every collection as the angular achievement revealing modern speeches of both Women and Men.

SKYN: Gosh, even just the sound of that is inspiring. Well we are sure you're going to be able to do just that and so much more. Best of luck Carmen! | @nemracstyle



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