G R E G "M R .  F L A W L E S S" YUNA

With nearly 5 years of working with top gems under his belt,
Greg Yuna is "Mr. Flawless", jeweller to the stars.

SKYN: Who are you? Feel free to answer this however you interpret it.   

MF: A visionary. 

SKYN: A visionary for sure. Especially when it comes to your pieces. You're a phenomenal jeweller, what inspired you to get into the industry? 

MF: It fell into my hands by chance. 

SKYN: Funny how things like that can just kinda happen. And how long has it been since it fell into your hands? How long have you been creating pieces for?

MF: 5 years.

SKYN: Wow - half a decade. Well you've really managed to hone your craft in that short time. Where are you from and how do you think it's influenced you?

MF: I am born and raised in Queens. The energy of this city and the people in it influence me. 

SKYN: Absolutely - there's such an electric pulse that just runs through it. Aside from being surrounded by a pretty great city, you're also surrounded by some pretty great people. You're pretty much Floyd Mayweather Jr's customs jeweller. How the heck did you get that gig?! 

MF: He walked in to the store one day and we hit  it off. We began to build a rapport with one another that turned from a business relationship into a friendship. 

SKYN: That's wild. Ok so, tell us about the brand. What's at the core of Mr. Flawless?

MF: Consistent quality and detailed designs. 

SKYN: Solid. Definite characteristics of a true classic. Now that you are a classic, what's one thing you wish you knew when you started out in the business? 

MF: All that I know now. 

SKYN: Fair enough. Alright so we know you're ridiculously talented with the jewels, but what else is fun about you. Tell us something random about yourself. 

MF: I have a lot of tattoos. One of which is a bottle cap. 

SKYN: Dope. What are you most proud of? 

MF: My brand. 

SKYN: Well it is a pretty phenomenal brand. When it's all said and done, what do you want to be remembered as? 

MF: I want to be remembered as more than just a jeweler. I want to be remembered as an iconic artist. 

SKYN: And we're sure you will be. Finally, if people wanted to grab themselves some of your original pieces, where can they head to.

MF: You can head to www.MrFlawless.com or stop by our brick and mortar shop in the heart of New York's Diamond District-1196 6th Ave. 

To catch some additional behind the scenes footage from Mr. Flawless's mid-street NYC photo shoot head here.

www.MrFlawless.com | @MrFlawless1





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