Thank you for submitting to SKYN Magazine. 

We’re thrilled to have you as a part of our publication. Before submitting though, we ask that you carefully read over and sign our consent form. Our consent form is here to ensure that all contributing parties are protected and fully understand the terms of publication.  Should after reading this you have any questions or concerns feel free to e-mail us at

By submitting to SKYN Magazine, you are providing us permission to crop, make basic edits, and select from your submitted content. We do not guarantee that all photos accepted will be used. As a submission based magazine we provide contributors with a professional and curated platform to showcase their work, as such it should be known that we do not pay for submissions. Any expense or cost incurred from your shoot is done so at your own risk and expense. All submissions can be considered for our cover, however it is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to make last minute changes.

By submitting this form to SKYN Magazine you hereby state that you are in fact 18 years of age or olderYou and your constituents agree to hold harmless SKYN Magazine, its owners, employees and/or acting agents/constituents. Also, upon submission, you and all of your constituents agree to have any and all rights revoked in a court of law. As a professional digital entity we take what we do here very seriously, and ask that all contributing submitters do the same.

In the interest of everyone involved with SKYN Magazine we ask that models maintain a high standard of professionalism and understand that once images have been published in SKYN Magazine they are now legally the property of the magazine and shall remain published as such. If a special circumstance arises SKYN Magazine is more than willing to help and address any issues that models and photographers may have after publication. 

We are thrilled to be able to offer our platform to models, but ask that should you wish to be featured in our publication that you carefully consider all of the above. 

Thank you. 



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