Image by Kevin Bacon

Image by Kevin Bacon

SKYN: Tell us about yourself! Who are you? 

KD: In the words of the great Denzel Washington: “I’m an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job!”

SKYN: Well that's definitely true, you absolutely do have an extraordinary job! You're the brains behind one of the sexiest and most followed brands on IG, Model Modele, could you tell us a bit about how that came to be? What inspired you to create it?

KD: I used to work for 3 of the biggest urban modeling blogs (,, After about 2 years of consistently working with those brands, I decided to create my own. I’m a glamour guy so I wanted a name to stand out and after about 6 months of pondering, Model Modele made its debut in January of 2012.

 SKYN: And what a debut it has been! Over the past couple of years, you've been able to accomplish so much with your magazine! Did you have a background in publication or marketing before? How did you learn how to do all of this?

KD: I studied Sports Administration (with a minor in marketing) at The University of Houston with the goal of owning my own marketing firm someday. I took it upon myself to learn as much as could from class and throughout my internship in the athletics department.

SKYN: That's amazing. Well you've certainly put all of that learning to great use! You've created quite the empire with it all. That being said, it couldn't have always been easy. What would you say are some of the biggest misconceptions about building an independent brand?

KD: Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. I believe many people think they can do it, however, they don’t understand the concept of “no sleep.”

SKYN: Ha, absolutely. It takes real drive, determination, and a whole lot of passion to be able to pull that off. What were some of the biggest struggles when it came to building your own brand?

KD: Creative Blocks! Learning a lot on the run…I solely run all of my brands by myself, so while the marketing side is up and ready, there are times where other departments of the brand can fall behind. It’s all about finding the right balance.

SKYN: Definitely, that balance is key. When it came to finding that balance what would you say was the best piece of advice you were ever given that helped you overcome some of those struggles? 

KD: I learned at a young age that if you don’t own anything, you will never be free to make your own decisions.

 SKYN: Wise words for sure. Phenomenal lesson learned, and you've clearly grown straight from the student to the teacher. Now that you've learned so much first hand, we'd love to hear some of your thoughts on things. For instance, there are thousands of publications out there, but yours is soaring! You're standing out from the crowd and growing by the day. What's something that you do that you think really sets you apart from everyone else?

KD: Model Modele is a themed, glamour publication. I think with the industry growing independently you have to find something that’s different and remain consistent.

SKYN:  Completely. What we find neat, and what some people might not know is that while you absolutely have Model Modele under your belt, you also have quite the variety of other publications as well including Markz, Unravel, and Thick Culture. Why did you decide to create a collection of individual publications rather than simply merging them all into one?

KD: My personal motto has always been “inspire the aspired,” and with that in mind creating different platforms for different types of models only seemed fitting.

Image b  y Kevin Bacon

Image by Kevin Bacon

SKYN: And you've certainly done just that. Now we know that everyone's being inspired by your magazine, but when it comes to magazines that you yourself like to read, what's top of your list?

KD: 1. Forbes 2. Esquire 3. Sports Illustrated

SKYN: More than a solid selection. A little business, a little class, and a heck of a lot of drive. Sounds like the perfect recipe for publication inspiration. So now that we know that you run culture defining publications and act as a big stepping stone for many people's careers, but what else do you like to do in your spare time?

KD: I’m really into script writing, not acting scripts but sports scripts (example, promotional and sports events, etc.).

SKYN: Actually? That's wild! Sounds like you've just got that creativity running through your veins. Rumour has it you're not only a creative mastermind, but you're actually a father as well! Could you tell us a bit about how fatherhood changed your life (if at all)? Has it made you see things differently? Work differently? etc.

KD: Am I a father now? Yes! Has it changed me? It has definitely given me more perspective knowing that there is someone whose livelihood depends on my hustle.  God has definitely blessed me with greatest job that any man can apply for.

SKYN: Aw, that's so sweet. We're thrilled to hear it. Now we've talked a lot about the past moments, but what about the future ones, what's next for Mister Kyle and/or Model Modele?

KD: I have a few ideas, projects and even collaborations in mind. God willing, 2017 should be a great year for Model Modele.

SKYN: We're sure it will be! And finally, what's one bit of wisdom you'd like to leave for the next generation?

KD: “Find something (not someone) you love and die for it.”

SKYN: True words indeed. Thanks so much for chatting with us Kyle! To find out more about Kyle head to @mrdaniels_ or visit his page at

Image b  y Kevin Bacon

Image by Kevin Bacon | @modelmodele | officialmodelmodele | ModelModeleTV |  @mrdaniels_



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