Mike Di Carlo is a life-loving health enthusiast who aims to share his positive outlook on life with the world. A former athlete (volleyball & beach volleyball player), a current model, and a small business owner.

SKYN: So tell us Mike, what is it exactly that you do?

MDC: I’m currently working full-time as the Marketing Manager for one of Toronto’s top fitness clubs. At night, I’m overseeing my web & graphic design business, as well as modelling with Plutino Models in Toronto and fitting in some private clients as a professional personal trainer.

SKYN: Ha, wow, a Jack of many trades! That's incredible.  How did you become all that you came to be doing all this?

MDC: My passion for athletics and health started at a young age. Throughout high school, instead of going out on a Friday night, you could always find me training at indoor beach volleyball with friends. My competitive edge has always driven my life decisions on and off the court. My passion for design lead me to pursue the graphic design industry, which quickly turned into late nights teaching myself how to code websites. I finally found my worlds colliding when I was able to combine my two passions together in my current career.

SKYN: That's honestly phenomenal. Funny how life works like that sometimes. Ok, so we know all about that competitive edge, but what got you into fitness specifically?

MDC: Fitness was a very natural direction for my life. It combined everything that I believe in; healthy living, hard work, time management, & fun. Anyone who knows my daily workout routine knows that I believe in the form of “play” while I’m working out, commonly described as “calisthenic training”. To put it simply; while I’m in the gym, I’m completely free in my element, and I combine my creative thinking with a functional approach to training - It’s a blast!

SKYN: Now that does sound like fun. Actually, you just sound like a lot of fun. Tell us this, tell us something random about yourself?

MDC: I’m the friend that always says “yes!”.

SKYN: Ha, makes sense. So what are some of your best memories that you said "Yes" to over the past year?

MDC: ROAD TRIP! 2015 seemed to be the ultimate last minute road trip year. From trips with my siblings to watch US College Football, to 10pm departures to NYC with no warning, I truly embraced my “go with the flow” personality.

SKYN: Sounds like a solid time all around. Now while you were on these big journeys of 2015, what were some of the biggest revelations that you came across? Did you have any?

MDC: 2015, like every previous year in succession was my largest learning curve. I’ve always been known to take on a million projects at once, and this year was when I finally realized that staying focused on fewer things will lead to greater success.. I find myself waking up with more motivation and direction, and going to sleep with entire satisfaction.


SKYN: Living the dream, eh. So now that you've got all this motivation and satisfaction flowing about, what do you hope to do with it all? Any big goals for 2016?

MDC: In recent years, I made myself a promise to continue to grow and evolve every few months. In 2016, I plan on moving my way up the fitness industry as well as taking my side business’ to the next level. It’ll be the year for hard work, which will really set the tone for the next 15 years of my life - which will definitely involve a family of my own (my greatest goal in life).

SKYN: Now those are some solid goals that you can definitely be proud of. Ok, upcoming goals aside, what would you like to be remembered as?

MDC: The person who ALWAYS embraced life, and saw only the positive in every situation.

SKYN: Well you've definitely got us seeing all that... and so much more. Thanks Mr. Di Carlo, and Happy New Year!

To catch up on what Mike's up to, check him out here:



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