Meet the visual artist who enjoys both creating and modeling. Catch all her work and her full interview here. 

Written by: Vanessa Peters 

SKYN: Thank you for sitting down with us, let's start at the beginning, tell us who you are and what you do?

MP: My name is Meg but people call me Megpie or Pie. I’ve lived in Nashville, Tennessee for about 5 years now. I’m a visual artist who enjoys creating, modeling, and eating fruit!!

SKYN: I hear you on that fruit thing,  so you are originally from Guys, Tennesse, what was it like growing up there?

MP: Growing up in Guys, Tennessee was fun! I remember making mud pies all the time, playing outside in the woods, jumping hay barrels, catching frogs, and making mud slides in my backyard. I’m a country girl at heart.

SKYN: You set the stage for quite the authentic visual, especially with jumping hay barrels. You have hair made of goals and dreams in the world of the naturals, how did you get so lucky?

MP: *laughs* Thank you!! I honestly just let my hair do whatever it wants. Usually when I try to do something with it, it rarely works out. She got a mind of her own.

SKYN: Just like a woman, you just have to let natural hair be as great as it's gonna be. How difficult was it to make the decision to quit school in Northeast Mississippi community college?

MP: It wasn't difficult at all! I always sucked at school! I gave it a shot and it just didn't work for me. School isn’t for everyone.

SKYN: That is true. Who are some artists that inspire you?

MP: Me, My Grandma, Frida Kahlo & Basquiat


SKYN: Gotta love it when you inspire yourself because that's some Kanye shit. Why do you think that you struggle to bring your ideas to life?

MP: I struggle sometimes because I will imagine something or have it sketched out and when I get ready to paint it, it never turns out like the sketch or it will just look completely different than what I imaged. I’m cool with it now though *laughs* I just go with it.

SKYN: Most things just work better that way. The body paint art that you’ve been doing lately is captivating, why move to the body as a canvas?  

MP: Thank you! My friend Joseph Patrick (IG @photojojo)  is the one that got me started.  He’s a photographer here in Nashville. He wanted me to paint a model for a shoot and I had so much fun with it that I just continued doing it. It's fun also like seeing my work come to life. And I love the female body.

SKYN: As a photographer myself, I can speak from personal experience and I agree with that on some real levels. Do you feel as though having the number of instagram followers that you have right now validates you or your work at all?

MP: Eh, I don't really care about the number of followers that I have. Just as long as I’m inspiring people to be creative, to be themselves and being able to share my art. That’s all that really matters.

SKYN: It is, lots of people lose sight of that. In being an artist I imagine life can be rather unpredictable, has that ever scared you?

MP: It used to, not so much now because this is the life I chose. I know that If I keep pushing and keep being consistent with my work good things will come.

SKYN: Preach! Have you encountered resistance when it comes to your art and if so what forms has it come in?

MP: Yes *laughs* Surprisingly a lot of people aren't comfortable with big naked breast or nipples. Or hairy cooties. I’ve submitted my work to a few different places and I’ve been rejected a few times. One man said “I have a nice portfolio but the community may not be ready to view my work” that just makes me want to do it even more. I know that my work isn't for everyone. And that's fine with me.

SKYN: That what will set you apart at the end of the day. You recently shot with @jakesvisuals, tell us what inspired that shoot?

MP: Ah Jake, good vibes! LOTS of jokes*laughs* he’s so much fun! We are both really random and goofy.  He was actually house sitting for a friend and just asked me if I wanted to shoot that day.

SKYN: That's serendipitous. Do you feel that there is an intersection between your modelling and the art that you create with your hands?   

MP: Yes. I feel like everything that I create comes from the same place. I just need to express in different ways.  

SKYN: A woman of many talents. Could you discuss your opinion between the cross section of femininity and sexuality?


MP: Femininity is what you make it, as is sexuality.

SKYN: Have you ever been so infatuated or enthralled by someone that you couldn’t stand it and could you share with us how you navigated those waters?

MP:  It hasn't been to the point where I couldn't stand it *laughs* I've had huge crushes before and would want to spend time with that person. Or I'll have dreams about them all the time.  I'm pretty blunt about how I feel when it comes down to it. I’d usually just say what's on my mind. But I'm always in the honeymoon phase.

SKYN: That sounds like an album name, ‘Always in the honeymoon phase’. Finish this sentence: If it wasn’t art it would be...


SKYN: What do you think the hardest part about being a female in this day and age is?

MP: That people still treat women like they can't do anything and everything a man can do. And that people are still uncomfortable with nipples and the female body.

SKYN: #freethenipple. Do you feel as though black women are sexualized more than other female race groups

MP: Yes! Because I feel like it has something to do with our dominant features, our bodies, our  powerful presence, our walk, our vibe, our hair everything. We’re unreal. I feel like everyone wanna be a black girl, but dont wanna be a black girl.

SKYN: I agree with you on that front, commodifying black features is ‘the thing’ now. Your social media presence isn’t stupid high, is that by design?

MP: No not really. I do wish I was more organized with it but i'm not. I just post stuff I like and stuff that i'm working on.

SKYN:  Hey, there is nothing wrong with that. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  

MP: I'm a big hermet. I don't go out that much and I don't really like to.  I like to stay at home and just chill. I'm very isolated.

SKYN: I can relate *laughs*. Your artwork in it’s own way is empowering to the black female form, which I would like to personally thank you for, why that gravitation?

MP: THANK YOU! I gravitated that way because I am a black woman. Black women are so beautiful to me. Our skin, our hair, our glow, our features, our strength, our drive, our ambition, what we have to go through and deal with, our culture, everything! The list goes on. But also seeing and growing up around my mother, grandmothers, aunts, cousins etc. came from them too. `    

SKYN: That’s lovely, switching gears a bit, what is the most ridiculous thing that you heard this month?

MP: That the Pizza Hut close to my house doesn't deliver.

SKYN: *Laughs* girl I hear you. Could you give some advice for everyone just trying to make it in this cold world.

MP: Be yourself, love yourself, and pay attention to yourself. And don't give a fuck about what people have to say about it.

SKYN: Ayyy, where can everyone find you on social media and the internet?  

MP: My instagram is @Meg_pie3 or you can visit my website at

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