Meet the young lady with an old soul who’s too brave for her own good, and taking the world by storm. 



SKYN: Anna it’s so great to finally meet you our here in Miami. While we know you’re killing it in the Florida state, we can’t help but notice you’re sweet southern drawl. Where did you grow up?

AM: I grew up in the tiniest town in Alabama. We literally only had two gas stations, the Texas chainsaw massacre type and a post office.

SKYN: Ha, that’s hilarious. Well from small town Alabama to big city curves queen, you certainly made quite the leap and have been making quite the confident impact. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

AM: I can’t say I was always comfortable. I’ve actually always thought I wasn’t that photogenic. Modeling is still fairly new to me and I’ve only been in the industry for a little over a year. But now I am definitely more confident than ever and being in front of the camera is natural to me at this point.

SKYN: That’s so great to hear. Well since you’ve achieve such success in such a short time, do you have any tips for aspiring new models in the industry? 

AM: Absolutely! Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and who you’re working with. We all have boundaries and never let someone push you out of that if it’s not what YOU want and enjoy every mofo second of what you’re doing! You don’t have to be serious all the time and let your personality show in your work. Most important, be confident in yourself. There is no one else like you so own that shit. Be proud of who you are and what you represent!


SKYN: Dope advice from a dope woman. If you weren’t a model, what career would you pursue?

AM: I have multiple careers as it is! The busier the better for me. I own a pet sitting business in South Florida and I also work nights in the club industry.

SKYN: Wow - that’s great! A lady of many talents. So great to see you pursing all those goals and interests. You really seem to be so incredibly well rounded, did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

AM: My sister, Arielle, is my biggest mentor, my guide, my everything. She raised me and taught me how to be who I am today. She has guided me my whole life and I wouldn't be who I am at all without her in my life. Also, ever since I got into this industry, I’ve met an amazing individual, Jackie Jorge, who has also guided me every step of the way in my modeling career. She is one of my biggest supporters and has been with me literally every step of the way.


SKYN: Aw, so sweet. Sounds like you’ve got a great team of strong women guiding your way. And it makes sense, since you yourself are such a strong one guiding so many as well. What’s the craziest thing you've done over the last couple years?

AM:  I was an absolute wild child when I lived in Alabama and crazy enough I calmed down when I moved to South Florida. I’m not getting into any Bama stories just yet, but since I’ve been in this industry things have been a little different. From the sleepless nights, the redeye flights, partying in different cities with new girlfriends, super hot guys I’ve met along the way, I mean you can figure the rest out!! 

SKYN: Ha, I think we can put together some of those intriguing pieces. Ok so forget the wild child Bama days, do you have a WTF moment at shoot?

AM: Usually things are pretty peachy, and I’m not talking about my booty. But if random people show up on set, I’m usually like wtf!!

SKYN: Lol, totally fair. Randos can be strange for sure. Ok let’s talk social. What’s the best and/or worst thing about about using instagram to boost your career?

AM: Best thing, more publicity...I love that anyone can see my portfolio here and book me easily for something. 


SKYN: Definitely. Makes things wayyyyy easier. Ok worst thing? 

AM: Worst thing, once again anyone can see my page since it's public. So my clients that I pet sit for who don’t know about this side of me can. Hopefully they don’t find my social media and I keep that innocent angel look!

SKYN: Chuckle, well either way, page or no page, you’re still an angel to us, so we’re sure no matter what they see they’ll always think of you as that. Tell us something random about yourself that most people don't know. 

AM: I eat like a grown man and I’m usually barefoot with dirty feet. 

SKYN: Lmao, what?! 

AM: Sexy, huh? 

SKYN: *Laughing. So sexy. Ok back to the social for a second. You not  only get likes, but you get a heck of a lot of comments. Do you read them? 


AM:  I do usually read the comments! Some are sweet, some disgusting. But at least they are supportive!

SKYN: Ha, fair. Ok miss wild child, give us 3 items that you haven't yet ticked off your bucket list.

AM: Threesome. Save a life. Travel to space.

SKYN: My oh my, sounds like some epic adventures ahead of you then. Alright, onto a more serious note. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modelling?

AM: Bitches love Photoshop.

SKYN: Bahhaha, that ain’t serious! But we’ll take it. Ok. Best memory of the last year?

AM: Every part of last year was amazing but one of my best memories was getting to travel to New York for my first time!


SKYN: Wow - we’re sure that was one great  trip. New York is the best. Now that you’ve done that, any big goals or plans for 2017?

AM: One huge goal is already accomplished! I was lucky enough to shoot with this giant magazine, cough cough Skyn Magazine

SKYN: Haha, aw shucks, well you sure know how to flatter a mag.  

AM: Ever since I started modeling, I’ve always followed your pages and loved the brand and now I’m a part of the SKYN family.

SKYN: *Smiling. You most certainly are. Any other goals?

AM: I make new goals every day so there is no telling what else I’ll have accomplished by the end of the year.

SKYN: Absolutely. We have no doubt you’ll be smashing goals and taking names. In the meantime though, any last words? 

AM: Just a huge thank you to Skyn for having me, supporting me, an pushing me to be the best! Love yall 






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