Interview by: Ashley J. Hassard 

Hailing from Emo, Ontario – Marverick Judson is one of those small town heroes on the cusp of greatness. 

With immense talent and absolutely no ego, Maverick Judson is the farthest thing from what you’d expect. He’s just a guy, in a red shirt, with the world at his feet.

There’s something captivating about Judson as he makes his way into our SKYN headquarters. With his genuine warm smile and Southern Canadian charm, he moves through the room with an innate humbleness about him. Sharing stories of hometown friends and movie nights, he is as “regular” as they come… that is until you realize he’s Canada’s next big thing. 

Sitting on his newest chart topping hit “Just Drive” he’s the new face of Northern talent, and we’re not sure if he even knows it yet.

SKYN sat down with the breakthrough artists to talk music, fame, and small town dreams.

SKYN: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us and a huge congratulations on all your success. Now that we have you here, could you tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you?

MJ: Marverick Judson, from the small town of Emo, Ontario – a small town of Western Ontario. Just a small town kid, still working my regular job. I’m a totally independent artist, and I write pop music that has a little bit of a hard rock flare to it, and I’m trying to do bigger things.

SKYN: Great stuff. What’s your favorite thing about what you do?

MJ: I like the creation process, production, songwriting, and generating retive ideas with other artists and working with other artists. That’s the part that gets me most into my music. And then when the product is done just sharing it anyway that I can share it – performing, posting the video, whatever I can do.

SKYN: That’s amazing. Now speaking of collaborations, you recently teamed up with Canadian heavyweight Danny Fernandez on your new hit single “Just Drive” can you tell us, what was that experience like?

MJ: It was exciting from the start to the finish, from the second I got the first text from him, throughout the creative process, and then right into the video – it was quite a ride.

SKYN: That’s exciting! It was just a text out of the blue?!

MJ: No, I had sent him an email the same day, and I was sitting down watching Grey’s Anatomy with my girlfriend, and all of a sudden I got a text from a Toronto number that was unknown. The text said it was Danny, but you know, I didn’t really believe him, but then he called me, and I recognized his voice, and from then on we just started talking about the business part. Which part he was going to sing on, which part I was going to take charge of in terms of the production part, and then we kinda spaced off and once we had our segments complete we put it all together.

SKYN: Unreal. And together you guys created ‘Just Drive’?

MJ: Yes.

SKYN: Dope. What do you think makes that such a hit?

MK: I think that it has a bit of a European sound to it which is really popular in mainstream right now. It’s fast. It’s a picker-upper for the morning if you’re driving to work, I mean it’s called ‘Just Drive’ so it’s perfect for that sort of thing. It’s a happy song with good vibes, and that’s what I’m all about.

SKYN: Wicked. Now there are many moments that go into making a hit song, we’d love to know – when do you normally get your ah-ha moments? During the writing process? The recording? The performing? What is it to you that gives it that spark?

MJ: Usually I get my ah-ha moments driving. So there you go the title of the song! Actually when I first started production of this song I was driving a truck, which is part of my full time job, and so at the time I was just on the road a lot and I was listening to the beat over and over and that’s just the title that came to mind. Most of my ideas come when I’m driving. You’re just so relaxed looking out at the scenery.

SKYN: It’s a good time to think.

MJ: Mmmhmmm. Absolutely.

SKYN: From watching the scenery pass you by in driving in trucks, to humble beginnings in Emo, Ontario, and now nation wide song tours in big cities, you’ve seen quite a change of pace in terms of everything lately - what do you feel has been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make in terms of life-swap?

MJ: Just the busy-ness of the city, and the clutter, and the noise. Getting used to how close together everything is in the city. Like back where I live there are lots of old country roads. Everybody knows everybody and you’re always waving at people. So just having that constant feeling like “Wow, I’m going to say that 99.9% of the people who live in this city don’t have a clue who I am and don’t give a crap.” It’s just weird because at home I’m just so used to everybody knowing what I’m up to, and where I live. So that part is really different for me.

SKYN: Wow – that’s interesting. Ok so we know that with “Just Drive’s big release that Toronto’s going to be hearing a lot of it, but we’d love to know, what is Maverick Judson listening to these days?

MJ: I’m into Top 40 Radio pretty much. Right now I’m listening to Coleman Hill, and a couple of his new singles – partly because he’s from Thunder Bay which is close to where I live, and partly because I think he has a really unique sound. I listen to a lot of random singles. Like I like the new Marianna’s Trench single. Um, Justin Bieber’s new album is really good, it’s a really good album. But you know I listen to a lot of heavier stuff too. At the moment, I’m just kinda in my Top 40 phase.

SKYN: Fair enough. Well it’s good for the roads when you’re driving around and the Top 40 is what you’re getting on the radio.

MJ: That’s right, feel good vibes.

SKYN: Ok but we’ve read you’ve also listened to something that isn’t quite so Top 40, a certain Presley. We’ve heard that Elvis had a huge impact on your pop sensibilities.

MJ: Yeah, when I was little I used to have a little Fisher Price record player and I used to spin the 45s dancing to Jail House Rock, Teddy Bear, Love Me Tender… all the hits.

SKYN: Ha, classics.

MJ: Exactly. And when I was little, that’s all I listened to was the oldies. I don’t know if you can actually hear that influence in my music at all, but that’s something I used to listen to a lot.

SKYN: Absolutely. So if you were to given the chance to go back in time, sit down in a room with Elvis, and ask him one question, what question would that be? 

MJ: Hmm.. that’s a tough one. Maybe, “What goes through your mind when you’re dancing?”

SKYN: Ha, that’s a great question to ask Elvis! Alright, now away from Elvis and more back onto songs. You’ve composed and performed a number of great songs over the years, what’s your personal favorite out of all of them?

MJ: Up to this point, right after “Just Drive” I wrote a song with Karl Wolf called “Regular Guy” and it really says a lot about where I’m from. The song title is “Regular Guy”  and I think it just speaks to anyone who comes from a small town and has high hopes for bigger things down the line. I think that a lot of people connect to that sort of thing. The whole small town, big dreams, you can go wherever you want with it.

SKYN: I love it. It’s great that you’re coming at it with this really strong message.

MJ: Yeah, I think that when it comes to talent, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it should always just speak through your art.

SKYN: Unreal. Absolutely. Is that what you’re kinda leaning toward in terms of overall message? One of the questions we love to ask is “What would you want your legacy to be?” Is that something kind of like what you’d like yours to be?

MJ: Oh, ha, I think it’s just too early to say, legacy. I just want people to know me as Mav, nice guy. That’s all I care about and I just like writing music so, yeah.

If you get a chance, head on over to iTunes and purchase Just Drive and request it on your local station. 



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