M A R T I N  D E P I C T

Meet the individual that has devoted his life to depicting the world the way he sees it through art form. Photography, Graphic Design, web design, he's versatile, and hates being put in a box.

SKYN: Martin, it's so great to meet you - thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We've gotta ask, what inspired you to do what you do?

MD: I was fortunate enough to find my passion early in life. Some people go their whole lives, and then find true happiness at the very end. I found it when I was in high school and I have been fortunate enough to make a career doing what I love. Sure I am not a millionaire but I am living the way I want to.

SKYN: And that's truly the best that any of us could ever hope for. Did you always see the world this way and take pictures like you do, or did you have any mentors who really helped you along the way? 

MD: I wish I had a mentor. I look up to a lot of photographers like Brian Duffy, Annie Leibovitz, Mike Miller and the two Dogtown Photographers Craig Stecyk & Glen E Friedman. I feel like I am the product of these photographers that I just mentioned. Other than that, I have had just friends and family push me to be better.

SKYN: Well those too are so key. Ok, so out of all of your pictures that you've taken over the years, do you have any favorites?

MD: I don't have a favorite. My work is constantly growing and evolving, I am always falling in love with images, sometimes they aren't even mine. I can appreciate a great image when I see one.

SKYN: Sounds like a true love for the art. Now, to make your own art, we know you tend to shoot people, and I'm dying to know, do you have a favorite subject that you've worked with over the years? 

MD: The answer to this question is pretty obvious. I work with Tianna Gregory the most. We have developed a great friendship and we are known to be a team. I owe her a lot and I will always be grateful for the work that we do together. We come up with concepts together and then we execute.

SKYN: Ha, guess that does make a heck of a lot of sense. And we're certainly glad that you do work so often together, as you two definitely do create great art. In terms of your art, is it always easy to get? What was the most difficult shot you ever had to take?

MD: I use to work for a company called Gunnar Optiks, and we would sponsor a lot of pro gamers. A lot of these pro gamers are kind of awkward and it was my job to make them look good. Not that It mattered. Some of these kids were making 6 figures playing games.

SKYN: Oh my gosh, that's wild! Well, good for them! And good for you for rising to that challenge. Alright, so besides being a boss photographer who can make even the most awkward of gamers look good, tell us something random about yourself.

MD: I recently started bowling pretty regularly as a hobby, and I think I'm pretty good. I break 200 often. 

SKYN: Ha, that's hilarious (and ridiculously impressive)! Aside from learning to bowl those perfect strikes, any other big challenges that you've had to overcome?  

MD: I don't tell a lot of people this story but when I decided to attend FIDM, I reached out to my estranged father to let me live with him while I attend school. He agreed to let me live with him. One day, halfway through my second quarter of school I came home to my stuff in black bags by the front door. I had cops walk me to my car because I was kicking the door for my dad to let me in. I lived in my car for half of that school quarter and passed. I took showers at a gym and friend's homes. My mother had co-signed for my school loan and I didn't tell her that I was kicked out because I was afraid she would pull me out of the school. My dad now tries to contact me around the holidays and I always ignore him. Fuck him!

SKYN: Oh man, that's rough, but also super inspiring that you were able to live through all of that with such resilience. Being an incredibly successful photographer who has overcome so much, do you have any tips for aspiring new photographers in the industry?

MD: Experiment! There are so many things you can do with a camera so I think it's important for new photographers to know how to shoot anything at anytime.

SKYN: Sounds like some pretty decent advice. Any best memories from the past year?

MD: Leaving my full-time job, was a big step for me. I'm living the freelance life now. After I left, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and was released from shackles.

SKYN: Oh man, we can only imagine. That's a huge step! Any more big ones on the rise? What does 2016 hold for you? 

MD: 1. Get a set in a printed magazine, 2. Travel as much as possible, 3. Publish a coffee table book of my work with Tianna

SKYN: Sounds like you're well on your way my friend. And lastly, how would you like to be remembered? 

MD: Just someone that stayed true to himself and did what he loved.
A part of me doesn't even want to be remembered.
My photos will online forever, I don't need to. 



www.martindepict.com | @martin_depict



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