Because sometimes you need that little extra push

By: Amanda Cubello

 Fitness can be difficult for anyone to stay on track -- even professional athletes have admitted to needing some motivation when it comes to achieving their athletic goals. I'll be the first to admit that on a Saturday morning I'd much rather lay under my paisley down-comforter while sipping on a caramel iced latte than do some strict pull-ups after a morning run. I know, I know, I'm totally ruining the gym vibe, but I'm just keeping it real.
Luckily for all of us, there's no shortage of inspiration to keep us on the path of becoming the healthiest, happiest, and fittest versions of ourselves.
Here's some powerful messages to help motivate you through the rainy days, the sore days, and the days you just want to give up.

1. Clear Your Mind

Let go of the negative. Instead of saying I can't, replace it with I will.
You will be great, you will succeed, and you will become the best version of yourself -- all you have to do is try and take that first step.

2. Be Confident

Believe in yourself! Be proud of what you've already accomplishment and allow those achievements to keep pushing your fitness to the next level. Whether it be shaving 20 seconds off your mile time or lifting 5 more pounds than you did last week, it's still progress. Week by week you will get faster, stronger, and better than you've ever been before.

 3. Keep Going

Professional athletes and trainers didn't get to where they are overnight. Patience & drive will be the key to keeping on the fitness path.
Take one day at a time and the results will come, as long as you keep showing up and giving it your best for every workout.

4. Take Responsibility 

Own your fitness & take charge of it. Lace up those sneakers and get MOVING. Be the change you wish to see in yourself -- whether it be through yoga, tennis, weight lifting, running, what have you. Find what makes you love being active and keep with it.

5. Be Strong

Push through the fatigue and tune out the voice in your head that tries to stop you when the going gets tough. The only way to get stronger is by challenging the body and mind. If you fail, try again tomorrow, and continue to do so until you succeed.

6. Push Yourself


Nike knows what's good.

7. Make a Lifestyle Change

I know this has been said so many times but fitness isn't a destination it truly is a lifestyle. From training to your everyday diet; every decision counts and your body will reflect those choices.

8. Kickass

Strive to be your personal best and remember to always kickass in everything you do ;)

Now get out there and seize the day because the only workout you'll ever regret is the one you didn't do.  

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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