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Interview by: Ashley J. Hassard | @thehassard

SKYN: Hey Lucy - we're so thrilled we caught a moment with you. We've been huge fans of your work for some time and have been dying to know, who are you really? 

LCM: Who am I.. I'm sort of still figuring that out hehe I'm still young and I'm still learning but I am passionate, ambitious, very creative, entrepreneurial, bubbly, I have a lot of dreams and goals and I make a lot of bad jokes, hehe. 

SKYN: Ha, bad jokes are the best jokes! What else could you tell us about yourself?

 LCM: I have a big heart, a complex mind and l love to learn, grow and travel.

SKYN: That's phenomenal. And when it comes to work? What is it that you do?

LCM: When it comes to what I do for work, I'm a model and designer and also do makeup artistry now and then. 

 SKYN: Wow - that's incredible. You're up to a lot then. What inspired you to get into this industry and do all these great things? 

LCM: It was never really something I thought I'd be doing growing up because I'm only 5"2, but I suppose I fell into it at 19 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada and I was cheerleading for the BC lions, our team manager was running Miss Bikini Canada and my teammates talked me into entering... I ended up winning the whole thing! From that I met my mentor and she put me forward for a number of other projects and events and it all happened from there :) 

SKYN: Wow - what a fantastic twist of fate. Well we're certainly glad you did fall into it because you are absolutely great. How long have you been into modeling for? 

LCM: I suppose it's been about 5 years on and off but more so the past two or three years. 

 SKYN: Fair enough. So a decent amount of time then. Over this span, have you developed any modeling idols? Who is your favorite? 

LCM: I have a lot really! I'm lucky enough to meet some amazing people on my travels and while working in this industry and a lot of the models I've met are not only stunningly beautiful on the outside, but also incredible humans. So they would have to be my faves.

SKYN: Oh? And who would those be?

LCM: Some of these women include Skye McDonald, Deserae Trujillo, Kate Compton, Carisaa Rosario, Racquel Pomplun, Yesenia Bustillo, Emily Sears... I could go on!

SKYN: Oh wow! That is an incredible list! Any others to add to it?

LCM: Other than that I think Emily Ratajkowski is smoking hot! 

 SKYN: Ha, that she is! What about when it comes to photographers? Do you have a favourite one?

LCM: I have way too many lol I'll spare you the list! But I love exploring photographers work and I actually have dabbled a bit in photography myself, something I'd like to do more!

SKYN: That's wild! we'd love to see some of your work. You've accomplished so much and grown in so many ways, did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you through all of this?

LCM: Yes, absolutely. My main mentor has helped me get to where I am today and has been one of the most supportive people in my life as well as becoming a trusted friend. She is so inspiring as well as motivating and I'm so thankful to have her!

SKYN: Aw, that's great to hear. Why do you think having a mentor is so important?

LCM: A mentor is extremely important, I believe, in any field and when you have someone you really trust who believes in you, you always feel that you have that person to turn to which is a great feeling

 SKYN: Absolutely. Now that we know a little more about you, your background, and beliefs, could you tell us something random about yourself? 

LCM: I feel like everything about me is random really haha.. Where to begin?! I make a lot of "that's what she said" jokes and dad jokes

 SKYN: Ha, oh man, those are the best! Besides being a wicked jokester, what are you most proud of? 

LCM: I'm most proud of how far I've come and how hard I've worked despite set backs, how hard I push back up when I've been kicked down, and so proud that I've managed to surround myself with amazing people 

 SKYN: ...And we're so glad you did. Do you have any tips for aspiring new models in the industry?

LCM: Three tips... Be yourself. Seriously. Be weird, be whatever, but be true to you and you will always get the most out of your time and you will have fun! I might not come first in all my pageants, but I have so much fun and make so many friends and my experience is always heightened because I don't pretend to be anything I'm not. I also make amazing connections because of it and build stronger relationships and networks because of it. Nobody likes someone who is constantly pretending, you don't trust them, business owners, photographers and other potential business contacts can see through it so just be you. 

Most importantly when it comes to looks, it's not about being the skinniest or the curviest or the most tanned, having the biggest boobs, smallest nose yada yada yada.. To me it's about being healthy and confident. Eat well and exercise and look after your mind. True beauty shines from within. 

Lastly, network. 

Network, network, network!

 SKYN: What a solid list of advice. Honestly, those are some really valuable lessons to pass on. What other lessons or memories have you learned or made over the past year? 

LCM: Oh my goodness... 2015 was one of the hardest but also best years so far. It was a big time for growing and learning and a lot of good and bad, and only a few weeks ago I almost wished a lot of it hadn't happened, but looking back now, all in all I don't regret anything. I'm thankful.  

I had my heart broken pretty badly by someone I thought was my best friend, my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer (she kicked its ass!) and I had a few other family and personal things happen, but amongst it all I worked harder and grew and learnt so much! I met so many amazing people, I traveled places I haven't been, I also had a lot of beautiful times and adventures and without the bad you couldn't have the good. Life is a balance and I learnt that it is what you make it. 

SKYN: Sounds like you had a total rollercoaster, but we're so thrilled to hear that you made it out on top with so many incredible memories and experiences. Now that you've lived through and accomplished all of that, what are some of your goals for 2016?

LCM: In 2016 I will launch my brand and expand it, get in my healthiest, best shape ever both mentally and physically, travel, and live, love, laugh. 

SKYN: Sounds like a plan. And last but not least, when it's all over what do you want to be remembered as? 

LCM: I want to be remembered as someone who lived, laughed and loved to the fullest.

Helped others and inspired and motivated others. Someone who had a positive impact on the world, even if only in a small way or to only a few. 

Interview by: Ashley J. Hassard | @thehassard



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