Written by: Dekkel Bachar

Confidence and body image are both interesting concepts. One day you could be feeling like a million bucks, dancing in front of the mirror in your underwear and confident as ever, and the next you could want to curl up in a ball and hide away in the comfort of your own bedroom for days.

It’s interesting really, that those people you see on your Instagram feed just never seem to leave the gym, but is that really the right way to go?

People aim for perfection, while in reality there truly is no such thing. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is able to find a flaw in themselves that if given the chance they would change it in a heartbeat. And while people try to round some of their roughest edges at the gym by coming in at open and staying for hours at a time, it is important to note that you can achieve your most confident self without letting the gym consume your life.

You are at the gym to work hard. It is better to give it 100% for a shorter amount of time, than to hang around for longer but half ass your workout.

There are quite a few reasons that explain why longer workouts are not necessarily the best way to go about your fitness routine. 

First off, focus is a vital part of having a good workout. You have to “keep your eye on the prize” some might say. In this case, the prize could be washboard abs or hitting that two plate bench press. If you’re working out for an extended period of time, your focus may diminish and that leads to extended texting breaks, and striking up an unnecessarily uncomfortable conversations with random people.

Studies have shown that testosterone levels are brought back to normal at the 45 minute mark. That means that after that point in the workout you will not be working your hardest.

Also, the energy input vs output has to be on par. What does that mean? Well, the amount of food you consume is ultimately turned into energy which is what you use to push yourself when working out. I get it, nobody wants a science lesson right now so let me get to the point. Like a car, when it runs out of gas it stops working- so does your body!

So yes, working out is important, and the way you see yourself is equally as important but remember that it is not something that should consume your life.

A healthy lifestyle is something to be proud of, but when it becomes excessive it may start to lose its effect! Remember, there is so much more to life than the gym, and maintaining a healthy balance is a major key to staying motivated at the gym and throughout your day.

Dekkel Bachar | @Dekks_