Looking across the pool at Khloe Terae your eyes are drawn and instantly glued. The toned and sculpted Playmate moves like a golden statue as she dips her perfectly pedicured toes into the water on the top of the Thompson hotel in downtown Toronto. Surrounded by friends and entourage, the 23 year old navigates a photoshoot as a if she's conducting a scene, gracefully commanding attention at every turn. With her blonde cascading locks and striking bold features she's the definition of modern goddess, leaving no wonder as to why this captivating beauty has become such an international sensation.
We sat down with the Canadian born beauty to chat life, modeling, and all things Khloe. 

SKYN: Tell us about yourself? Who is Khloe Terae? 

KT: This question is almost as hard as figuring out what to put in my bio on Instagram. I'm a little Dutch, but mostly Italian. I am a big sister to my 3 half brothers, step brother, step sister, and half sister! Kids everywhere. I used to call myself "the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet" back in my Playboy days. I love sports, I'm a huge hockey, basketball, and soccer fan! 

My dad was a DJ, my mom was a supermodel, and I am the product of a one night stand. (Another one of my favourite lines to use). I've had 3 boob jobs because I'm indecisive AF. I like to call myself Goldie locks; first I went too small, then I went too big, and now I'm just right. I am a 15 time Playboy Cover Model, Playboy Bunny, International Playmate of the Year, 1st ever Canadian Cyber Girl of the Year (I beat @lindseypelas & @stefanieknight for this title, hahaha, love those girls though!) International Maxim Cover Girl, Hand picked by Hugh Hefner to be a painted lady at every single party he's had at the Playboy Mansion since I turned 18! 



SKYN: Ha, woah, those certainly are quite the number of things. It's no wonder you're everywhere these days, you're so dimensional. Seeing as there's such a focus on modelling though when it comes to who you are, why don't we focus on that for a second. How did you get your start?! 

KT: My mom was a model. My first runway show was inside the womb! I was born for this. 

SKYN: Ha, wow - that 's wild. It would certainly appear so! You're an internationally published cover model who travels the world, but we have to ask, was your life always this glamorous? 

KT: Well considering I had been on a dozen plane rides by the time I was 6 months old...

SKYN: Chuckle, ok so we're taking that as a solid yes. 

KT: I definitely have lived a life of travel. My mother was a runway fashion model and modeled all over the world. She was mostly in Europe when I was young, so I'd always be going places with my grandparents to see her! 

SKYN: That's dope. Glam life straight from get-go then?

KT: Life is definitely not as glamorous as it seems, but sometimes it really is. 

SKYN: No doubt. Aside from being an absolutely stunning playmate and traveling world influencer, what other interesting jobs have you had?

KT: You wouldn't believe how many crazy jobs I've had! Before I got into Playboy I worked at Screamers, Ontario Place, The Ex, Duffs Chicken wings, and Beauty Bar Laser Clinic! My first "Playboy job" was being a bunny dealer at the Playboy Casino in Cancun! 

SKYN: Ha, that's amazing! Those are some pretty epic jobs that's for sure. So you went from making people scream at Screamers, to drool at Duffs, and now you're just making jaws drop everywhere with your modeling, simply being you. That's insane. How long after starting your modeling did you get your first feature in playboy?
KT: I always knew I wanted to be in Playboy, but I didn't know how to go about it. My first serious break-through was in 2012 when she was invited as a special guest to Playboy Mexico’s 10th Anniversary, where I was picked to jump out of the Playboy Anniversary Cake. The photo taken from that party was my first picture to be published in Playboy!

SKYN: That's so cool. Seems like such an iconic moment, that we're so happy was captured. From that first launching moment to now you've certainly accomplished quite a bit and become quite the international beauty icon. What are your three top beauty hacks from a girl on the go?

KT: I am obsessed with Bbaji skin care! I am also obsessed with face masks and I use them all the time! 

SKYN: Ha, they are great that's for sure. I mean, even from just looking at your face it's clear you glow from the inside out, so there's definitely got to be something to them. What about any beauty advice? 

KT: My number one advice would be to ALWAYS wash your makeup off and never fall asleep in it no matter how tired you are!!

SKYN: Solid tips. Ok now that you've helped get our readers all glowed up with beauty tips, what about modeling tells. Where is you're favorite place that you've shot at to date?

KT: Santorini, Greece. Without a question I left my heart in Greece!!!!

SKYN: Aw, that's amazing. It definitely it a beautiful place, that's for sure. We now know you're favourite place to shoot, but we'd love to know more about the shoots themselves. Let's start off with something easy, have you ever had a wtf moment at a shoot? If so, what would it be? 

KT: The craziest thing that's ever happened at a shoot was once I was in B.C shooting my hockey themed pictorial for Playboy. We set up an entire outdoor hockey set on a frozen lake it was -50 out and they had such heaters on me because I was butt ass naked.

SKYN: OMG, that's wild! What happened?!

KT: Basically what ended up happening was the heat blowers melted the ice and I almost fell through!!! Luckily I didn't and the pictures came out amazing... one of my fave pictorials considering how much of a hockey fan I am! It was my dream shoot and I almost died to get it! No wonder they make us sign waivers! 


SKYN: Ha, no doubt for sure. That's so crazy. Ok, so aside from being a total freaking trooper, one thing we couldn't help but notice about you is just how flexible you are! Tell us, where did that come from? Have you always been so limber?

KT: Yes, I have! I started ballet when I was 3 and I've done everything from ballet, musical theatre, jazz, pointé, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and even circus school for contortion! My mom was a yoga instructor when I was in school as well so we would always do yoga together.   

SKYN: HOLY! That's a heck of a lot of training. No wonder you're flexi-barbie. Ok, coming from someone who's done so well herself, what advice would you give to other models out there wanting to jumpstart their career?
KT: Having a career as a Playmate and a social media influencer is a lot, and it's not for everyone. People think it's such a glamorous life, but really, sometimes it's not. I don't fly first class usually, I have to share hotels with tons of models I don't know. You have to look at Playboy as a stepping stone, not a career or end goal. I think that's where a lot of models go wrong, they think "Oh cool you are on the cover of Playboy you must be so rich". I work so hard and I hustle so much, it takes a lot to do what I do. I try to make it look easy because that is appeasing for the fans, but in reality it's anything but easy to be me. You need to be ready for constant criticism of your every move. If I dye my hair, if  I'm going through a mental break down, if I do anything it's always going to be judged. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a bitch, but I just have that "I don't give a fuck" mentality. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can say anything to me and I will not let it affect my happiness. 

SKYN: That's incredible. Wise words that's for sure. You're such an avid world traveler - what is you're favorite part about being able to see the world? 

KT: Honestly it's always been my dream to travel the world and take beautiful images everywhere I go. I never want to stop traveling because it's made me who I am. You need to get out and see how beautiful this world is. Never stop exploring. 

SKYN: Amen. So as Khloe the World Explorer and hard hustling model/influencer extraordinaire, what would you say is the hardest part about being a model/influencer today? 

KT: I think the issue is a lot of "instahoes" do posts/shoots for free. It's tough to convince brands to pay you when other models do shit for free. It drives me nuts!!!

SKYN: Ha, we can imagine. That would be maddening. You've got so much great advice for others, we'd love to know, what was one of the best pieces of advice you ever received? 

KT: Honestly it's not that I received advice, but one of the most important things to me is how supportive my family was through it all. I really thank them for understanding me. My grandmother took it the best, she was my biggest fan. My dad, not so much! Posing nude is hard on the fam. 

SKYN: Understandable for sure. That's great that you had so much support though. Not only do you have a lot of support, but you also lend a lot of support. You're a phenomenal ambassador and philanthropist for Autism Speaks. What made you choose that specific cause to focus on?

KT: All that I do, I do for James. 

SKYN: And who is James? 

KT: My brother James is severe ASD, he has oral motor delay and with the exception of one word communication, he is nonverbal. 13 years ago it took three years to get a diagnosis of Autism. There were no resources in Quebec so we returned to my birthplace of Toronto Ontario Canada. When we arrived in Toronto we were told we were on a waiting list for therapies that my brother needed immediately. Even though I was 10 years old I was very aware of the challenge to provide my brother with the support he needed. 

SKYN: That's an incredible reason to be about a cause. So touching that it hits so close to home and so heartwarming that you support both James and the cause so much. You really are something else, you know that? Ok, were almost done here. Taking it back a bit lighter, what do you know now that you wish you knew 5 years ago?


KT: As crazy as this may sound, I wish I could go back and tell myself you are so much more than just Playboy. Don't get me wrong, I love playboy so much, but when I was younger I didn't see past it. I wish I could've focused more on other projects not just solely on Playboy. 

SKYN: Totally fair, and honestly, solid advice. It's definitely important for everyone to look past what they're currently doing or working towards, because, as you've shown us so well, possibilities are literally endless. Alright, last thing, what advice would you give to other models out there wanting to jumpstart their career

KT: Social media is KEY. You can't be a model these days without Instagram. I don't care who you are!

SKYN: Ha, coming from the Social Queen herself! Well Khloe, we really appreciate chatting with us. Thanks so much for taking the time! Best of luck on your travels and we can't  wait to see what you get up to next!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Eames | @thisiseames

MODEL: Khloe Teraë | @khloe

MUA: Aurelie Renout | @arenout

BTS: Ashley Hassard | @thehassard

LOCATION: Thompson Toronto | @thompsontoronto

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Adam Julian |@adamjulianm