The fitness muse that’ll get you motivated in 2017

By: Amanda Cubello

For starters, can we all take a minute to admire this cover photo of the insanely sculpted blonde powerhouse?


Meet the 20 y/o dancer turned personal trainer, Miss Kali Burns, whose Insta screams sex & fitness; the combo SKYN will always applaud. 

Excuse me while I lace up my sneakers and try to imitate her perfectly volumized pony.

This Sydney, Australian native began training 3 years ago and has transformed into one of the hottest social media personalities. With 434,000 followers, Kali is slaying the Insta game and showing everyone success comes with dedication. 

It also helps that her sex appeal is fire, she has the booty of a goddess, and the muscle definition of a champion. But we can all achieve this when we put our minds to it, right?  

So, how does she do it?

Kali explains on her YouTube channel that by eating 4 meals/2 shakes a day, amounting to 1850-2000 total calories, she can sustain her hunger while having the energy needed for the grueling workouts ahead.

            “I train because it’s a passion and a love mine and it makes me feel good. I have nothing against competing but I feel like I wouldn’t suit the sport. I don’t want      to stand up and be judged on how I look, I would rather go off of how I’m            feeling personally, as that’s how I feel what’s most important.”

Kali trains six days a week, sometimes twice a day, which consists of 3-4 leg sessions; 2 of them are compound based where she has a coach, while the other two consist of high repetition, 3 upper body sessions, and one rest day, which she explains on her channel.

So what does Miss Kali do for fun? She goes to Bali, to bask in the Indonesian sun and perform workout circuits in the greenery, of course. As if she’d be doing anything else?

And there’s more where that came from. Follow @kaliburns for the most recent jaw-dropping visuals, booty flexes, and workout tips.

I hope your new fitness inspo will turn your mid-week slump into an end-of-the-week success. Let’s make 2017 a damn good year, shall we?

By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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