J U L I A   F A Y E   W E S T

With over 50 Film and TV credits to her name, her own Billboard campaign, and the best dang attitude you've ever seen, JULIA FAYE WEST is a definite SKYN fave. 

SKYN: Who are you (answer this however you interpret it)? 

JFW: Someone who strives to be the best possible version of who I’m capable of presenting myself as to the world.

SKYN: Well you've certainly mastered that. You seem to be presenting yoruself incredibly well, both in person and in print. You've been on the cover of Maxim South Africa, the face of 138 Water's Billboard campaign in Los Angeles, and in countless other publications. We'd love to know, what got you into modeling? 

JFW: I’ve always loved the camera. I love to take photos as much as I love posing in them. I’ve always been attracted to many forms of art. It’s fun to be creative and sexy.

SKYN: That is absolutely is! We hear you're not only a beautiful model, but you're also a talented actress, what made you want to make the transition into acting? 

JFW: I’ve been in acting classes since I was 5. I’ve created comedy skits and funny characters all my life. I did mostly theatre until the end of high school. It was always my dream to be an actress and it’s the primary reason I moved from Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

SKYN: Wow - that must have been quite the move. Sounds like you were born for it, and it's clear from your amazing success that that's the absolute case. You recently starred in an incredible new movie "A Week In London" what was it like working with co-stars Denise Richards & Mike Tyson? 

JFW: Denise Richards is a beautiful person inside and out. She’s a team player, hard worker, great mother. . . I could go on forever about how amazing she is. She’s down to earth and hilarious. Maybe we get along so well because she’s from the mid-west too. Mike Tyson was surprisingly sweet. He was very patient with a line of about 100 people who wanted photos with him after work. Denise and Mike were on good terms with each other as well, regardless of past Hollywood hype.

SKYN: Aw, it's so great to to hear. It's always wonderful when the people whose careers you've seen grown are as wonderful as they seem. And it's so great to hear that you got along so well with them. It's so key when working with anybody, but especially in the acting world. Do you have any tips for anyone looking to get into the industry?

JFW: Networking is essential however, many people who move to Hollywood to work wind up caught up in the scene socializing with useless individuals who may look the part and talk the talk. Save your networking for in class with other students or other colleagues working on the same project.

SKYN: Great advice. You seem to be incredibly wise and really comfortable in your own skin, which is incredibly hard to do when you're also being recorded all the time - were you always this comfortable in front of the camera?

JFW: Yes, but like everything else I became more comfortable with acting and modeling. The best things in life are from real live experience.

SKYN: 10,000%. Now, we know with all this new exposure you're bound to become a lot of people's favourite actress, but who would you say is your own? (Actor or Actress) 

JFW: I admire so many artists I couldn’t possible choose one. Every actor whose made it has a gift to share and I always look for their specialty and unique talent.

SKYN: How on earth are you so sweet? Really though. Fantastic answer. You seem to have a really great handle on your craft, did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

JFW: Yes, too many to mention.

SKYN: Ha, fair enough. Alright, now that we know all about you and your career, could you tell us something random about yourself? 

JFW: In college, my student friend dared me to streak through campus if I graduated from USC top of my class. Needless to say I’m an excellent student and I rarely turn down a dare.

SKYN: Hahaha, that's hilarious! Such a brilliant wild child. Ok, aside from being a really wise closet streaker and ridiculously smart, what are you most proud of? 

JFW: Any way I inspire others or make a positive difference in the world.

SKYN: Well that is something that you definitely do on the daily. What about when it comes to things you've experienced? What are some of the best memories of the past year?

JFW: It has been amazing to work with so many wonderful people who I love, and lead a pronominal feature film. It’s been an indescribable feeling to see myself on billboards in Hollywood and so many magazine covers. My attitude of gratitude allows me to experience incredible moments everyday. Being in good company is what matters most to me, so everyday I enjoy highlighted moments with those around me.

SKYN: So. Incredibly. Humble. Really, you are something else Julia. What are some of your goals for 2016?

JFW: Continuing to do what I love even though it requires a lot of discipline and hard work. Maintaining a positive attitude makes everything easier and more fun, it’s all about perspective. Attitude is everything, it offers me the strength and bravery to tackle what’s in front of me, whatever that may be.

SKYN: Sounds like a plan. We're sure whatever does present itself to you will be more than memorable. As you will be for so many people. That being said, we'd love to find out, when it's all over what do you want to be remembered as? 

JFW: Kind, funny, loyal, loving and giving. 

SKYN: Well to us, you're all that and so much more. Thanks so much for talking to us Julia! 


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