J I L L I O N A I R E  x  W I L D F L O W E R

We had the opportunity to sit down, catch up and get to better know the Trinidadian DJ and Producer, Jillionaire.  He's been making wave after wave with his unique mix of indie dance,  big room house and the caribbean rhythms of dancehall and soca.

Interview by: Eames Alexander | @thisiseames

SKYN: Hey man, pleasure to meet you. So tell me,  whats the difference between a Jillionaire show and a Major Lazer show?

Jillionaire: There's definitely a lot more reggae and dancehall involved. 

SKYN: That's dope, I could definitely feel that during your set at Wildflower. Whats next for this year?

Jillionaire:  I'm just going to be focusing on more releases for 2016

SKYN: Wicked, can't wait to hear what you've been cooking up. Do you ever have time to go back to Trinidad or not really? 

Jillionaire:  Yea I try and go back every 4 months or so. 

SKYN: Oh really? That's dope. What would you say is your favourite city to party in? 

Jillionaire: Man, probably Port of Spain in Trinidad. It's always high energy and they know how to really have a good time. 

SKYN: Noted, I'll have to try and make it out there sometime soon. Ok so what are the best places to shop or perform?

Jillionaire: If I'm going shopping I would say maybe Copenhagen in Denmark, London is always good for  a visit.

SKYN: For sure, London is one of our favourite spots to visit when we're in Europe. So If you're looking at your bucket list, where haven't you hit? Where are you still trying to do or do? 

Jillionaire: Well this year I'm definitely trying to climb Kilimanjaro. 

SKYN: Really, that's pretty cool man. I'm sure it'll be a sweet to get away from music for second and be able experience something like that. 

Jillionaire | @jillionaire

Venue: Wildflower www.lovesusnot.com | @lovesusnot

Venue: Thompson Hotel | www.thompsonhotel.com

Agency: Cruel Collective | @cruel_co



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