Written by: 
Ankanee Lagunarajan


Let’s get real for a second here. Now, if you’re anything like me then no matter how much you love to work out and eat healthy, there are days where you just wanna stay in and binge watch the new GOT season while eating a whole tub of ice cream by yourself. Sure having “cheat days” work and all but there’s something so satisfying about just staying in and doing nothing at all. These are the days where I need some motivation and the only place my heart goes to is Instagram. It’s almost the end of 2017 and Instagram models and fitness accounts have hit the height of popularity. Thanks to this, it’s become more mainstream to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and I’m here for it!

If more people (especially teens and young adults) can look at insta models and get inspired to get their life together then I am here to add fuel to the fire.

Here a list of popular (and not so popular) Instagram accounts to help motivate you:

1.     Dwayne “the rock” Johnson (@the rock): The Rock has been in the mainstream light for quite a while and, to put it simply, he has one of the best bodies out there. He even has a motivation alarm clock app called “The Rock Clock” that’ll help you get up in the morning and help you keep your goals!

2.     Chelsey Korus (@chelseakorus): Chelsea is known for her daily yoga posts and her upbeat attitude. Her cool yoga tips will motivate you couch potatoes to start doing yoga. And I mean if doing yoga will give me her body then sign me up.

3.     Jay Cardiello (@jaycardiello): Jay has been around the Instagram fitness scene for a while now and his popularity comes from being a profession trainer. He’s trained celebrities like Sofia Vergara and 50 Cent, to NFL players. Amongst posts about his cute son and workout regiments, he also has a ton of motivational quotes to help get you on your feet!

4.     Justin Gelband (@justingelband4u): Here we have another celebrity trainer on our list. He’s trained models like Karlie Kloss and our favourite Twitter mom Chrissy Teigen. Gelband posts constantly about new workout plans that he’s developing and about the a-list stars that flock to him for motivation and training.

5.     Hannah Eden (@hannaheden_fitness): The last name on our list, goes to the founder of Pumpfit Club, Hannah Eden. Amongst her Instagram feed, you will find full body workouts that will leave you sweating out of all your orifices.


Now that I’ve given you the key to success, I hope you all put that tub of ice cream away, get out there and kick ass!

Written by: 
Ankanee Lagunarajan | @ankaneee