SKYN: What got you into fitness?

HG: I wanted to be prepared that anything life had planned for me. I love to wake up every day feeling good about my physical and emotional state and I honestly enjoy working out and eating healthy! Keeps my quality of life up :)

SKYN: It aboslutely does! Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start training?

HG: Take classes! If something interests you, try it out. Go online and find classes near you or online websites with tutorial videos. Educated yourself about how to nourish your body, food is most of the process. 

SKYN: Really so key! It's amazing how much knowledge and confidence you have, were you always this comfortable in your own skin?

HG: In my Latin culture we always honoured our bodies. And our minds. Positivity was instilled in me starting at a young age and I always encouraged other to think the same. So yes!

SKYN: That's amazing. Sounds like you really had some incredible mentors who helped mold and guide you. Did you have any that really stood out as being particularly impactful?

HG: My mentors through acting school. My closest friends. Myself.

SKYN: Amazing. We love how you just seem to have surrounded yourself with such supportive people. Now we know you've done some pretty great things, but we'd love to know what do you feel are some of your biggest accomplishments of the past year?

HG: I graduated from the National Theatre School. I moved to a new big city Toronto. I got two agents that represent me in my acting career.

SKYN: Oh wow - TWO AGENTS?! That's unreal! Congrats girl! With the talent you have and so many people looking out for you we're sure you're going to make it big! What are some of your goals for 2016?

HG: Excel in my craft for performing. Keep working on my physical body and my mental state. Travel. Continue loving.

SKYN: Sounds like you've got it all lined up, and we couldn't believe in you more. All the best and we can't wait to see what other great things happen for you! 


Instagram: @humberly | Twitter: @HumberlyG



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