Your guide to insane calorie-burning sex positions

By: Amanda Cubello

Have you ever wondered why you get so sweaty while taking your girl from behind? Hint: it’s not just because you have the perfect view. You’re actually burning 75-100 calories during ten minutes of the deepest penetration and roughly 300 calories for an hour sex session. Now, “getting a workout in,” has a new and enticing meaning. You’re welcome. Just be sure to let your girl know what type of workout she’ll be doing so she can swap her spandex out for a lacey thong. Attire is everything.

Here’s a list of the best calorie-burning positions that’ll give a whole new meaning to the phrase, “work hard, play harder.”


While this position is not only passionate and allows for the best make-out session, it has the potential to burn 75 calories in fifteen minutes. Who knew you could lie down and squeeze in an orgasm, all while working on that summer bod?

Want a little more bang for your buck fuck?  

Try the more advanced version:

Guys: By keeping your arms straight and slightly bent when thrusting, you’ll feel the burn in your biceps/triceps, giving you that post-workout pump.

Girls: Wrap your legs around his waist and thrust into him with your pelvis. You’ll feel this in your butt and upper thighs. Deeper penetration and a nice ass…what better combination?


Not only does this position allow the men to sit back and enjoy the ride, it can help you ladies burn a few extra calories, so you can feel more confident in that LBD you’ve been wanting to wear on your next date. On average, this position burns 79 calories in fifteen minutes. To put this in perspective, running one mile burns an average of 100 calories…without the orgasm.

Advanced version:

Guys: Get into crab-walk position by getting on all fours with your stomach facing the ceiling This will force you to hold your body weight with your arms and legs. How’d you get that six-pack? Sex.

Girls: Instead of resting on your lower legs by sitting on your knees, try riding him while squatting. This will allow you to feel the same penetration while helping you keep your thighs looking firm and your core engaged. “But I don’t want thick thighs and little waist,” said no woman, ever. 


While this position doesn’t burn quite as much as others, it can still burn an average of 63 calories in fifteen minutes. It’s the perfect position for a cool-down after you’ve exerted all your energy.

Advanced version

Guys: Take your leg and drape it over her body, then thrust into her. By keeping your leg bent and foot firmly against the bed, you’ll work your thigh and butt, while getting a good stretch. Switch sides after a few minutes so you’ll get a workout in both legs.

Girls: Swing both legs over his waist so you’re facing each other and use your arms to push your body into his. Position yourself as if you’re going to do a seated knee tuck for your abs. This will keep your abs engaged and cause you to use your upper body. This will also give you the perfect angle to achieve the thigh brow that will make your man groan for more. 


While this may be the best position for both parties involved, and probably doesn’t need much persuasion, here’s another reason to love this position. In fifteen minutes you can burn 80 calories. I’ll repeat that, 80 calories, while hitting her G spot continuously. Need I say more?

Advanced version:

Guys: Kneel while entering her, but don’t go on all fours. By keeping yourself upright your abs will be engaged by keeping balanced. This will also make your legs work harder which will allow you to feel the burn in your thighs as well.

Girls: Face down, ass up (it’s that simple). You’ll not only look like a goddess, but you’ll stretch out your thigh and butt muscles. You can also rest your weight on your arms by resting your hands on the bed shoulder-width apart, and slightly bending your arms. Think of doing a push up while bending your legs. 


This is the best position for your workout because it forces both of you to use your entire body to keep balanced and stay in position. This power position burns a whopping 90 calories in fifteen minutes. Sorry, no rest here, save that for spooning while watching reruns of Family Guy.  

Advanced version:

Guys & girls: Sorry...but no wall. Say goodbye to the one Saving Grace this position may have offered. While it may be awkward in the beginning and you may lose balance, your body will thank you.

For the guys, you’ll have the to use every muscle in your body by keeping your girl upright. Arms, legs, abs…you name it. You’re sweating with this one, for sure. Is that sweat running down your leg or your girl’s wetness? It’s both, and it’ll be bliss. 

For girls, by not using the wall you’ll have to squeeze your thighs around his waist so that you can stay in the same position without sliding down his body. I’m talking thighs of steel here. 

So the next time your girl asks if you want to hit the gym, bring the condoms because you could be climbing on top of her instead of the elliptical.

Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello

Laura C. Anderson | @s0mebl0nde



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