The Hottest Gym Moves That Will Turn Any Spectator On

He’ll want to pump more than his dumbbells

By: Amanda Cubello

Ever walk into the gym expecting to do cardio until you see someone you want to bend over the weight bench? Me too. No one wants to be the person who looks like they just took a shower in their own sweat after running three miles.

That’s what strength training is for.

What makes the gym the perfect place for getting turned on? 

  • Pants that look painted on
  • Figure-hugging tank tops
  • Cleavage exposing sport’s bras (the kind that makes the inviting line in the middle of her breasts)
  • Exercises                                                                                                                                 

Instead of looking at your own muscles in the mirror, lets be honest you totally do, browse around the room. I can guarantee you’ll find someone else better to stare at.

Here are the exercises that’ll make you want to get her phone number, or sex in the parking lot, whichever you prefer:

Donkey Kicks:

This move not only gives her that apple butt you want to taste, but it has the ability to make you curl those 65ers you’ve been trying to lift all week. She’s showing you a perfect view of her derriere while being in a come-take-me-from-behind position that’ll make you pre-cum in your basketball shorts. When she lifts her leg you might as well take a bathroom break. Your arms won’t be the only place the blood will be pumping.

If you’re away from the floor mats where this exercise is usually taking place, here’s the Donkey Kick’s cousin, the One-Arm Bent row. 

One-Arm Bent Row: 

You’ll get the same lifted booty action along with views of her killer biceps. A girl whose sexy and strong...mind-blown. If you’re a boobs kinda guy, you’re in luck. By positioning yourself in front of her, or looking at her through the mirror, you’ll be able to see her pillows dangling, almost inviting you over to lie down for a rest in-between sets.

Think again before talking yourself out of your next sweat session…


This is a sure way to give you a hard-on if the others didn’t do the trick. Because of how tight her spandex is, when squatting, the material will press so hard against her peach-shaped booty she might as well not even be wearing pants. If she’s wearing compression shorts, game over. Are those cheeks spreading from the weight or for you?

The Bridge:

Do I have to explain why pelvic thrusting would make you want to slip in-between her spandex shorts? I didn’t think so.

Tricep Dip:

This move accentuates every muscle on her body. Her quad muscles will flex, her abs will tighten, and you’ll get see her strength each time she dips. This is an exercise that let’s you see all of her while getting your tricep kickbacks on.

So the next time you’re trying to exceed your weight on the chest press, give a quick glance. You’re motivation could be two feet away working on legs that will make your imagination run wild.

What does she look like in her Calvins? A badass.


By: Amanda Cubello | @amanda_cubello



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