It’s the middle of the week but how about we introduce you to the model making everyday feel like the weekend?

By: Laura C. Anderson

Let’s talk about Christian Ghidina, shall, we? 

Yep, her. The prettiest 21 y/o Instagram model living in Illinois we ever did see. Let’s even talk about her wearing this itsy bitsy cropped T-shirt:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.51.56 PM.png

Speaking of, this might actually be the only form of shirt Ghidina owns. Thanks to her sultry Instagram account I have undeniable proof to back this assumption up. Just see for yourself:

See? Told you. But like, whatever, chick looks fine AF. Just pointing out that perhaps Ghidina should be aware little elves are more than likely sneaking into her closet while she’s sleeping and snipping away at the shirts that dare cover her underboob. A great underboob, at that.

Here’s a photo of her fed up with the antics as she decides to ditch the T-shirt fabric altogether:

See how relieved she looks to finally have all of her boob free instead of just the bottom portion of it?

When she isn’t wearing infant-sized T-shirts altered by horny elves, she rocks the hell out of a bikini:

I think every man (and woman) can agree, though, that her sexiest suit is her birthday suit:

Seriously. What ungodly creature looks this good naked? Can I get a copy of her weekly grocery list and dietary plan? I did some digging and I can say with 12% certainty I found the food she’s eating to remain so friggen sexy. And guys, it’s great news for all of us: 

Ta-Da! Ice cream! See – it makes sense because only about a quarter of the creamy dessert is actually making it into her mouth. If you look closely, ¾ of it is all over her tits and face. Silly, Christian, you’re such a messy eater.

Food aside, we all know what workout she’s doing to stay in such great INSANE shape:

What’s that you say? You don’t roller-skate in the nude? That’s weird. Lack of knee and elbow pads aside it seems totally reasonable and safe. Is this really what you men fantasize about? Bombshell blondes skating toward you while completely naked? Okay, okay, now that I’ve said it aloud I see your point.

Our beloved Instagram model has other interests as well. To name a few, she enjoys motorcycles:

Large tractors: 

Long bike rides along the beach:

Beach volleyball: 


And hanging out with friends:

See, everyone! She’s just like us. I definitely look like this when I’m doing my makeup in the morning for work: 

And when I’m waking up in the morning for said job I obviously look just like this, snapback and all: 

Sigh* She even looks smoking hot tied up:

Officially nominating Christian Ghidina for “Hottest Human In All of Existence 2016” award. If for whatever reason you think someone else might deserve such an honor, I’ll leave the following photos below for you to gawk at in pure amazement. Once you’ve finished drooling feel free to head on over to her Instagram account, Christianghidina, to check out her Holiness in all her glory.

How she doesn’t even have 30k followers is beyond me considering my neighbor created an account for her dog and even that account has almost 80k followers. Where are your priorities, people?! 

Happy Hump Day! 

Laura C. Anderson | @s0mebl0nde



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