Written by: Dekkel Bachar

I’m surely not the only one who feels like there are a bunch of leprechaun’s river dancing in my brain after this weekend.

While I’m sure that St. Patrick’s Day has an important cultural meaning behind it, most of us use this very special day as an excuse to see how many drinks we can down before we become incoherent. Realistically, the only cardio we’re all doing is repping out how many beers we can drink before we puke. That being said, once all of the festivities are over and we’re sitting in bed questioning whether the fun was worth the wicked hangover we’re nursing today. We realize that once morning hits we have to get back to reality and find the motivation to go back to our regular routines.

More often than not, a hangover involves; a throbbing head, aching body, and feeling of all around weakness. So, the big question sticks… HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO WORKOUT FEELING LIKE THIS?!

Here are some tips and tricks to working out with even the worst of hangovers:

Tip #1: Hydrate

After a night/weekend of basically drinking your own body weight in liquor, your body is begging for some hydration! Be sure to drink a lots of water to give your body the boost it needs to rebalance the fluids!

DO NOT CHUG! We have all made the mistake of chugging water thinking it was a good idea at the time and almost instantly regretting it. Make sure you drink a lot but remember… slow and steady wins the race.

Tip #2: Eat Carbs

The alcohol from the night before drained all the energy we would have, so the only way to regain it is to refuel! That’s why eating the greasiest, most carb filled foods when drunk or hungover tastes and feels so damn good! Keep in mind, there are good and bad carbs- knowing the difference could be a factor between whether you feel super bloated or start feeling better right away!

Either way- carbing up is the way to go if you want to replenish your body!

Tip #3: Get some sleep

Realistically, you drank a perfuse amount and got home from the bar at dawn. You are sleep deprived- and being dehydrated does not help that situation one bit!

Give yourself a few more hours in the morning to sleep in and relax. Your body needs it! Granted, you won’t be feeling like a million bucks either way but the extra few hours will definitely help!

Tip #4: Go outside

Whether you sit outside or go on a nice relaxing walk, the fresh air will definitely help you feel better! Breath in the cool crisp air and allow your body to absorb the refreshing and rejuvenating outdoors.

Tip #5: Push yourself… but know your limits

While throwing yourself back into an intense chest day sounds like a good idea in theory- maybe you should rethink it. Your body is still recovering from the hell you put it through on the weekend, and feeling weak is completely normal. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

If you need to take a rest day do it. But if you want to push yourself be safe (see tip #6).

If you end up finding yourself at the gym, hitting a PR (Personal Record) is not likely going to happen and that’s okay! Your body will recover within a couple of days and you’ll be back to your kick-ass self!

Tip #6: Don’t feel bad

We all fall off the wagon, and maintaining a perfect diet and healthy lifestyle 24/7 sure as hell will sacrifice your social life. Once in a while, it is okay to drink and let loose with the guys! Do not feel bad about allowing yourself to have a good time. Yes, you feel shitty right now but in no time you’ll be back to yourself and back on your regular routine. You’ll get your physique back in no time and you may or may not have memories for a lifetime from a sweet night/weekend out!

Dekkel Bachar | @Dekks_



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