Got a brand?! Want to hone it?! FIXÉ STUDIO has everything you need. 

Nestled in the heart of downtown LA, FIXÉ STUDIO is 2,400 Sq ft of pure creative freedom. Divided into 3 parts, they take brand development to the next level giving creatives from all walks the ultimate upper hand. We sat down with Studio Director Caroline M. to chat space, expression, and creative community. 

SKYN:  Hi Caroline! Thanks so much for taking the time to sit down with us. We know you're an incredibly busy woman, but you're also just an incredible human, and we'd love to share your story a bit. Could you tell us and our readers a bit about yourself? Who are you? 

CM: Who am I? I am 28 year old, daughter of immigrants from South America, Canadian Born, LA raised, wife and friend! 

SKYN: Amazing! Not only are you all of these amazing things, but you're actually a huge figurehead in the LA artistic community! Were you always so creative? 

CM: I'd like to think I was always creative! Back in the day I’d sew my clothes, make random cards out of magazine clippings. I was always the one saying.. “ don’t buy that.. I can make it.”

SKYN: Ha, that's hilarious. What do you think drew you towards being like that?

CM: What intrigued me the most was always figuring out how to make it happen. What tools did I need or what did I need to get to a finished product. I think there's always something to learn from someone, so as I grew up I surrounded myself with different people and it defiantly opened whole new horizons. 

Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Ashley Boston

Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Ashley Boston

SKYN: That's really neat! Well it's clear that all those horizons did you wonders because they've all led you to be the wonderful and talented woman that you are. What inspired you do to all that you do?  

CM: My inspiration and my motivation for what moves me forward to continue to do what I do I think stems from the simple ability to have the power and opportunity to do so. I was given the chance to make something from nothing in a day and age where we are allowed. The most powerful, successful people must have started somewhere right?? Well that’s just it, we all just have to start somewhere. I know I didn't always think this way, but now I have a platform where I can reach out to people, make a difference, and hopefully leave a footprint.

SKYN: Now that's something you're certainly doing. Footprints all around. In fact one of your biggest footprints has been Fixe Studio! What got your started with it? How did it come about? 

CM: Fixe Studio started out of necessity. About 5 years ago I took advantage of my vacation time from my full time job as a Sales Director for a Jewelry Company based in Hollywood. 3 weeks in Thailand, one bag packed. The day I came back I got a call from my boss and unfortunately found out I was laid off. At the moment I didn't realize it, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I took some time off, got myself together and freelanced a bit. During that time I gained so much more experience running logistics, I defiantly enhanced my skills, and I was able to build new relationships with potential clients. All that was missing was a home base. I figured, now is as good a time as any, and, if we fail at least I can say we tried.

SKYN: Honestly so dope. We love how all in you went with it. And it really seems that it's that same "give it all you've got" mentality" That has made Fixe so successful. What do you think makes Fixe so unique? 

CM: We’re proud of the aesthetic and vibe we have set at the studio. Our 2,400 Sq ft facility is divided into 3 parts. We have our warehouse area, the Creative Agency side and the Production/Photo Studio that has endless possibilities. 

SKYN: Crazy! How did you manage to do that?!

CM: We managed to turn an abandoned commercial warehouse into a great studio near the Downtown LA Arts District where we welcome all creative and brands that want to either work with us or do there own thing with the exclusivity of a private studio but without the snobby attitudes or price tag. 

SKYN: Actually so key. Sounds like you've really stumbled onto something here. Could you tell us a bit more about the different things you do? 

     Our photo studio features are:                                 Brand Management:                                   Creative Agency

            • 18’ x 16’ Cyc Wall                                                  • Logistics                                                  • Advertising

            • Make Up Station                                                   • Inventory Control                                   • Marketing    

            • Wardrobe/Styling Area                                         • Fulfillment                                               • Graphic Design

            • Free Street Parking                                                                                                                 • Product Design

            • Ground level loading                                                                                                              • Web Design

            • 14’ High Ceilings                                                                                                                      • Strategy

            • Lounge Area

            • Color Paper Backdrops


Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Ashley Boston

Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Ashley Boston

SKYN: That's actually so neat, it's really such a wide range of services! What sort of people or projects do you work with/who do you rent your studio to? 

CM: We work on all sorts of projects ranging from apparel design and product development to e-commerce and logistics on our Brand Management side. Our photo studio is open to all creatives that would like to rent! We even rent out our make up station to make up artists and the space for launch parties and events. We take pride in the fact that our studio has a great Cyc Wall and is an open floor plan instead of a lock out studio. The possibilities are endless.

SKYN: Absolutely! What's the most unique project or shoot you've hosted there? Are there any that come to mind? 

CM: The most unique shoot we have hosted was definitely Billy Bob Thornton. He showed up to our studio in a black car alone with his driver, followed by his manager. He steps out of the car with his sunglasses, smoking a cigarette, walks up our driveway and introduces himself quietly. He was neither nice nor rude, he was just Billy Bob Thornton and that was bad ass! Exactly how I pictured him. Is he playing himself in movies? I have no idea but it was probably the fastest and smoothest photoshoot we have ever had. 

SKYN: Ha, that's hilarious! In a world where so many celebrities aren't exactly how they seem, it must have been so refreshing to meet someone who was just what you'd think he'd be. And a smooth photoshoot never hurts at all. Ok so besides meeting bad ass movie stars, what do you find are some of the advantages of having access to a studio and creative team in downtown LA? 

CM: Having access to a studio with an open door policy allows me to meet and network with great people that I wouldn’t have been able to in my previous experience. With Los Angeles being as big as it is, being central was ideal to finding our current location. Not to mention living less than 5 minutes away and not having to deal with LA traffic is a plus. It's great to work with and have a creative team because it allows us to vibe, bounce ideas back and forth and, most importantly, they know how things flow. To me this is the most essential part and why I love what I do. 

SKYN: 10,000%. So maybe you can help explain this, why do you think brand management is so key in todays day and age? 

CM:  I think brand management is more important than ever because we are in the age of the entrepreneur. Brands are popping up faster than ever and competition is everywhere. Having an amazing product is only part of the equation, the other is execution. Regardless of whether you work with someone or you do it yourself, Brand Management cannot be overlooked. We, at Fixe, are able to think short term and long term. With Fixe Studio, we’ve created an environment where we can nurture brands, create, execute, strategize and guide them after they’ve launched to obtain their maximum potential. 

Fixe Studio

Fixe Studio

SKYN: The ultimate recipe for success. And so vital for all of these new brand-preneurs who are taking the market by storm. What do you hope your legacy will be with Fixe? What do you hope to achieve? 

CM: That’s a great question, we hope that the legacy left behind by Fixe is one of community, hope and inspiration. We want every brand out there to know that they are just as capable of great things just like the major players they admire. All it takes is hard work, dedication, passion and a vision. The goal of Fixe is to help these brands create the unimaginable and while helping them manage and create their own legacy. 

Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Esmeralda Rae 

Photo taken at Fixe Studio - Shot by: Eames Alexander | Model: Esmeralda Rae 

SKYN: Gah, we love that. community, hope, and inspiration is absolutely what it's all about - and we're so happy to hear that those are the core values at the heart of Fixe. Really and truly, you guys are a total dream and we're just so happy to hear that something like this exists to help, guide, and grow the next generation of game changers living out their dreams. Alright, now that we know how great you are, how can people contact you/find you? 

CM: I love hearing from different people. I can be reached via email (, instagram ( or phone 213-863-9894

SKYN: Amazing - thanks so much Caroline - it was such a pleasure! 


622 S Anderson St. Unit #107
Los Angeles CA 90023

T: 213-863-9894



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