With passion in his veins, talent at his fingertips, and a solid heart of gold, Dr. Kaloti is making waves, making impressions, and definitely making an impact. 

SKYN took a moment to chat with Dr. Kaloti about life, inspiration, and the little things that'll make you smile. Catch the full feature here.

SKYN: Tell us about yourself? Who is Dr. Kaloti really?  
DR K: As far back as a I can remember, I've always been passionate about helping people. I grew up being the peace keeper between my siblings, and even the not so friendly kids at school!  I remember my mom telling me one day I was a good listener and I really took it to heart. I realized that sometimes just lending an ear to someone can make them feel better. I found myself asking the right and sometimes difficult questions to find meaning for the spoken word. While still in high school one of my best friends handed me a Tony Robbins motivational CD. He told me I should listen to this guy because I sounded like him. Little did he know that CD would change my life. After listening to it at least a twenty times, I subconsciously adopted the beliefs that hard work pays off, and you are only rich because of what you give, not what you take. Those two beliefs have been engraved in me ever since. 
SKYN: That's phenomenal, and honestly so inspiring. It's amazing how even as kids we're drawn towards certain ways of being, and how as adults those same beliefs can become so wonderfully engrained in us. It's clear you've got a heck of a lot of passion, and an incredible amount of heart. What made you choose the profession that you did? Why did you decide to go into dentistry?  

DR K: Dentistry was the perfect profession for me. I could work with my hands and craft what I considered were my masterpieces, and still deliver them to real people! It's creating art that you can talk, chew and smile with!!

SKYN: Ha, that's a very sweet and absolutely beautiful way to look at it. It is completely walking, talking art. It's no wonder with an attitude like that that you've been call not just a "dentist" but a "dental artist". Why do you think that distinction is so integral in comparison to your standard "dental specialist"? 

DR K: An artist in my mind is someone who has a keen eye for beauty and not afraid to pursue it. Someone who is so passionate about what they're doing that they do it from the heart. It's one thing to be a dental specialist in a certain field, it's another to have the imagination, talent or skill to deliver high value aesthetic and natural smiles!

SKYN: Absolutely, we couldn't agree more. Well it's clear you've got a really great eye and definitely a creative touch - Were you always the artistic type, or did you start out more as a science kid growing up? 

DR K: I can't say I ever felt like I was one or the other. I remember growing up and really liking science. My grades were usually good and I often remember being the youngest kid in my class. In fact I graduated dental school before I turned 21 so I must have been scientifically inclined! 

However, art was always my true passion. I grew up thinking I was a legend in my head, and I just needed time to let the world know! I had a wild imagination and I would doodle and sketch every chance I had. In fact one of favorite stories to tell is that of my dental school admission interview. The professor interviewing me asked me about my sketching abilities so I offered to sketch him interviewing me. The deal was if he liked my sketch, he would recommend me to the admission committee... Two weeks later I got my acceptance letter in the mail! 

SKYN: Ha, that's hilarious! It must have been quite the sketch. We love the passion and humour that you so clearly bring to absolutely everything you do. It's honestly quite inspiring. Speaking of inspiring! What or who inspired you to do what you do? 

DR K: I think much of my inspiration early on came from my dad. He was a Cardiologist who put his patients first at all times. People loved him and would come up to him and shake his hand in the grocery store for what he had done for them or a loved one. I was always proud walking next to him and I think subconsciously I wished there would come a day that I could walk in his shoes.

SKYN: Now that is a touching personal inspiration, and one that is so well deserved. Your father sounds like a wonderful man and a truly exceptional role model. It's no wonder he lent a hand in creating someone who is not just walking, but striding in those very same shoes so well. 

SKYN: One thing you're definitely known for is creating beautiful, natural looking smiles, what do you think is the key to creating that perfect smile? 

DR K: Unfortunately much of cosmetic dentistry has been focused on big white Hollywood teeth.  After many years in the analyzing and designing smiles, I've realized that even the most discerning patients want natural smiles that look great and are an expansion of who they are as a person. Today in our office we design bespoke smiles based on a patients personality, facial profile, jaw shape, length of neck, etc. The goal is to create a smile that’s both great looking and natural looking and not just glowing white teeth.  I always believed in the “less is more” philosophy and always opt for the least invasive way to achieve my patients' goals.

SKYN: That's truly quite fascinating, and so very true. It's great that you're able to provide such perspective and insight for your patients. Plus the fact that you really do take a holistic look at the person themselves, their preferences, and what's truly best for them is truly phenomenal. Not nearly enough people do that these days, and so it's so nice to be able to see such a talented, honest, and humble professional such as yourself achieving it for so many individuals.  You also work with quite a number of people worldwide, what's the number one thing you like to do to make your patient experience special? 

DR K: This level of cosmetic dentistry has unfortunately been accessible to mostly celebrities and affluent individuals. Early on my team and I made it our mission to change that...  Today I'm proud to say that our patients come from all walks of life, all age groups and all ethnicities. The only common thing they share is that they expect excellent dental care and genuine caring... We have a cardinal rule in our office that we only do dentistry on friends so we take the time to get to know them well, learn about what they like, what they're anxious about. It really makes the dentistry much more personable.

SKYN: Ok, that is actually AMAZING. Could you be any cooler?! Ha, actually though. We know we're starting to sound a bit like a broken record over here with all the compliments, but it's actually ridiculous how you just keep blowing us completely out of the water with each and every answer you give. There's just so much genuine care in all that you do, it's really touching. Now we hear that not only have you shown care in your work, but that you've shown a considerable amount of care in some other areas as well! Over the past couple years you've become quite an accomplished writer and speaker, what was that transition like, to go from practitioner to educator? Were there any big challenges?

DR K: I think teaching and writing is a natural progression for any meaningful career. We all start off as students at some point to quench our thirst for knowledge. Writing and speaking provide the fulfillment for that next phase of our personal and professional growth. 

SKYN: Absolutely. We couldn't agree more. Now that you've been able to transgress from that student to teacher role and achieve so much, what would you say is your greatest accomplishment? 

DR K: I'd have to say its my giving back. In my travels to Haiti, Somalia and rural areas of Mexico I've seen some of the poorest communities living below the poverty level and still finding happiness in the simplest of things. Some of the most genuine smiles, even with crooked and missing teeth, came from children that had almost nothing. To be able to give back is by far the highlight of my career.

SKYN: ... and it's official. You've totally won us over. Actually though. We're so happy to hear it. It's amazing to be able to see someone who has been able to achieve so much, be able to appreciate so much at the same time and give it all back in tenfold. You really are a living inspiration in so many ways. It really is no wonder that you've been the dentist of choice for over 10,000 patients for over 15 years. How does it feel to know that so many people think so highly of you? 

DR K: It's immensely satisfying and humbling to sometimes think of how many smiles I've improved over almost a 20 year career. I try to keep in touch with as many of my patients as I can and it's ever so rewarding to hear their stories and watch them and their families grow on all the different social media outlets.

SKYN: My goodness, we can only imagine. That would be an amazing to say the least. To be able to see all of those lives that you transformed, and to be able to continue on with their life journeys is remarkable. You're forging quite the path with all that you're doing, what would you like your legacy to be? 

DR. K: I've never given that much thought... I like to think any person's legacy is not so much a big orchestrated or rehearsed personal mission statement that you leave behind, I think your legacy is a series of split second decisions that you make in the spur of the moment that define who you are and what you stand for. You hope that if you're consistent and true to yourself they will speak volumes to your character and legacy long after you're gone.

SKYN: Actually such wise words; so humbling, thought provoking, and so inspiring. You really are setting such an example, and it's so clear from the decisions that you've already made that you really are creating the perfect legacy.  Finally, if you had any piece of advice for those looking to follow their dreams, what would it be? 

DR K: Always find time to do some soul searching. Think back to a time in your childhood when you were not worried about failure or about being judged.  A time and place before you got hurt and or put your guard up. In that place and time you will find your core identity. Tapping those strengths will propel you to your dreams. They can come true with just a simple switch of a mindset!

For more on Dr. Kaloti check him out at: 

@DrKaloti_Smiles | @SmileStylistTO | www.thesmilestylist.com



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