All American, all high grade, and all inspired by historical examples, Archival is one of those really cool niche companies who’s just pretty much producing 100% Dope shit. They keep costs low and quality high by taking advantage of efficiencies in the manufacturing and their passion and dedication towards everything being all US of A made is kinda cool too.

Read up more about this all American classic here: ARCHIVAL

We all know Montreal as being one of the cultural hubs for culture in this big country of ours, but what most don’t know yet is that it’s also home to one pretty sweet designer Rachel F. who’s making it her mission to bring back leather and fur. Now we know this may sound a bit harsh, but when you hear that she’s doing it by using 100% recycled leather and fur you’re gonna think it’s pretty damn cool too.

Refurbish how you think about fur here: RACHEL F 


Created to help women around the world become more independent Raven + Lily works towards providing safe jobs, paying fair wages, and offering a sustainable source of income for the women and their families. Created to help women around the world become more independent they provide a safe job, pay a fair wage, and offer a sustainable source of income for women and their families. While they tend to take a female focus, they’ve got wicked leather bags, wallets, and some really decent gifts that you and your girl will love.

 Empower your girl with some gifts that pay it forward here: RAVEN + LILY 



As one of the last Canadian companies to produce laces and textiles (they’ve been doing this for four generations now) Stolen Riches offers super high quality products that are not only stylish, but are a great way of supporting the local economy. Taking something mundane and turning it into true fashion, they really are leading the revolt against the ordinary.


Start your colourful revolt here: STOLEN RICHES


At first glance, they just make socks – Really, really bold and bright socks. But get a bit closer and you’ll see an insanely creative collection of high quality socks that not only help you stand out from the crowd but that also change lives. Actually though, each sock sold changes the lives of an aspiring entrepreneur somewhere in the world. Essentially they make socks that start businesses and that’s worth more than just a little props. 

Up your sock game here: COLE + PARKER 



Keeping it 100 with their basic T’s, Me to We creates wicked classic pieces that are based off the idea you don’t have to sacrifice quality to make smart ethical purchasing decisions. Eco-friendly and made from things like organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester they keep you looking fly while keeping this planet as green as can be.

 Get back to basics, the socially conscious way here: ME TO WE



It started as a simple Instagram account, it turned into a online revolution, and now it’s working as a clothing apparel company that helps one person for every item sold. Working with local businesses and large companies to pay it forward with the #ThankYouToronto movement they create joint venture campaigns that work with companies like KISS 92.5, BLOGTO, Breakfast Television, Bike Share Toronto, and Frans Restaurant to name a few. 

Join the fight here: PEACE COLLECTIVE



Sneakers4Success is a super dope company that mixes sneaker culture, urban lifestyle, and design to engage, inspire, and empower underrepresented youth. Providing services like workshops and curriculum development that focus on problem solving skills, they use the sneakers as a medium to keep students engaged and connected to the standard classroom material and expose them to wicked ways that they can turn their passion into anything. 

Find your footing at: SNEAKERS4SUCCESS


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