C A R O L I N E  D E  C A M P O S

Meet the insightful and inspiring beauty who's stealing both our likes, and our hearts. 

"I am Caroline de Campos, and I am blessed." 

SKYN: What inspired you to get into this industry? 

CdC: Seeing that what I do, or what I post  change people's life for a healthy lifestyle... When I read every email or comments on my page that's what keeps motivated to keep doing this 

SKYN: That's really cool. I love how you've really formed a community of support around you.  Now you do take some pretty incredible pictures, were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

CdC: No I wasn't, but today I am very.

SKYN: Well were glad to hear you found it, because that confidence definitely shows. How long have you been modeling?

CdC: For 2 years

SKYN: Wow - guess you built that confidence up quick. You're a natural!

SKYN: Ok. We know you're a lot of peoples favorite model, but who is yours? 

CdC: Gisele Bundchen 

SKYN: Fair enough. Two fierce ladies you are. Alright, so we've done models, but what about photographers, do you have a favorite one of those? 

CdC: Mike Ohrangutang, Robert Reiff and Luiz Munoz 

SKYN: Solid choices, definitely some of ours too!

SKYN: You've made incredible progress in your life. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

CdC: I think every person that has passed through my life was some kind mentor either for the good or for the bad, but you always end up learning something. 

SKYN: Absolutely. Ok so we know you like learning from those around you, but tell us something random about yourself. 

CdC: I use to be a pharmacist in Brazil, I have always enjoyed sports, from ballet to paddle boarding, and even some more radical things like boxing, motocross racing, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. I'm a very excited person with everything I do, and although sometimes that can be a little much, I have a lot faith in God. It's because of him that I'm here today. I'm also a very persistent person in what I want.  I make goals for myself all the time. I'm not better than anyone, but I do work very hard and I go after things. I'd say I'm an extremely honest person, and of course I love fitness and that's really why I do this, for the love. 

SKYN: Ha, well those are a whole bunch of really random, and really great things Caroline. Definitely starting to get a pretty solid idea of who you are. 

SKYN: What about things you're most proud of?

CdC: Coming from a knee replacement surgery 2 years ago, I did my very 1st figure competition after 3 months off and ended up winning 1st place! I'm proud not so much because I won, but because I showed myself that I had more strength than I could have ever imaged. And less than 2 years later I got my pro-card as a Pro Fitness Athlete for the WBFF Fitness Diva Pro. 

SKYN: That's incredible - congratulations! 

SKYN: Do you have any tips for aspiring new models in the industry?

CdC: If you love it you will find a way, and if you don't you will find an excuse. 

SKYN: Those are definitely some wise words. Ok last couple questions. Any best memories from this past year. 

CdC: Winning my pro card

SKYN: Fair enough. That is definitely an impressive accomplishment. How about future ones. Any upcoming goals for this year? 

CdC: Doing my first pro show in Toronto for the WBFF, I want to improv my body, I'm always working on that, and I hope that I can change many more lives out there... I hope that people see that being healthy and being happy can go together.  

SKYN: Well we look forward to watching you achieve all those dreams. Last one. When it's all over what do you want to be remembered as? 

CdC: I want to be remembered as Caroline de Campos, she was a blessed woman that gave us a lot strength to keep fighting and because of her I have changed my life to be a better version of myself.

SKYN: You're well on your way to that Caroline. Well on your way.  


Photography by: @ohrangutang