CAMILA Radoslovich

Ever met a unicorn? We sure have! SKYN took the time to sit down with Camila Radoslovich,

the sexy and beautiful model/artist/food junkie to chat all things life, self-respect, and a whole lot of confidence. 

SKYN: Ok so we have to admit, we’re huge fans. From your shots to your posts, you’re absolutely amazing. We’d love to ask, how do you see yourself? Who are you? 

CR: This is such a hard question for me to answer . I'm still getting to know how I am at a young age. 
I would consider someone who is down to earth, sweet , emotional and extremely goofy! #libragang

SKYN: Ha, sounds like the perfect combo. Ok so now that we know a bit about who you are let’s figure out a bit about where you came from? Where did you grow up?

CR:  I was born in Argentina and grew up in south Florida.

SKYN: That’s dope. Two amazing places for sure! And two were extremely glad you were able to be, as it brought you here, as one of our favourite models inspiring confidence in all daily. Were you always comfortable in your own skin and in front of the camera?

CR: When I started, I was not by any means. I still am hard on myself at times . I've come to realize that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has insecurities no matter how beautiful you are. Slowly, I started getting comfortable. Now I see it as an escape to become a different person on camera. You can show anything you feel or anything you want to be.

SKYN: Absolutely. That’s definitely relatable to so many. Since you seem to have mastered it, do you have any tips for aspiring new models in the industry

CR:  Don't let anyone take advantage because you are just starting. Be confident ( even if you don't feel it inside ). Push your limits but don't destroy you're reputation. Many Photographers will have try to convince you that you need to do certain things and it will guarantee fame. This is exactly the opposite of what you need to do.

SKYN: Totally, we couldn’t agree more. It’s all about having that confidence, maintaining that self respect and listening to that inner voice. If you weren’t a model, what career would you pursue?

CR: I'm going to change this question. Even though I do model I will still become a veterinarian, start a environmental awareness company, make my own clothing line, and help anyone (men, women, kids) to love themselves.


SKYN: Aw, that’s so wonderful. You are such an amazing person. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

CR: I would say my two best friends and my boyfriend. They push to keep going. They always have believed in me when no one else did. I love you guys :)

SKYN: So sweet. And honestly, so key to have such a great support system. Ok now that we’ve got through some of the more serious questions whats the craziest thing you've done over the last couple years?

CR: Face my fears

SKYN: Hmm… mysteriously cryptic. Very cool. Do you have a WTF moment at shoot?

CR:  Every single time!!! Especially when I look at a photographers camera and all I see is my double chin.

SKYN: Ha, but what double chin?! Alright, what about some best and worst. What the best/worst thing about about using Instagram/social media to boost your career?

CR: Best: The love that people can show you. So many of my followers thank me on a daily basis for being me. I think that is so beautiful that I can connect with anyone in the world and possibly make their day. Also, The opportunities it can bring for any career. 
Worst : The fact that people will always judge no matter what you do but then again those people are unhappy inside. It used to affect me but now I just laugh haha :)

SKYN: Completely. It’s all you can do really. Do you actually read the comments?

CR: Sometimes. Not really anymore

SKYN: While you do have a lot out there on social, there’s probably a bunch that people don’t know too. Tell us something random about yourself that most people wouldn’t guess. 

CR: I’m extreamly goofy and clumsy. I do stupid things all the time in public. Pure example, I was learning to skateboard in Big Sur, California. I went down a small hill with my boyfriend, and completely busted my a** in front of so many cars and they all started honking... I had a million scratches, haha.

SKYN: Lol, that’s hilarious! Ok so we now know you’ve tacked the Big Sur small hills, but what else is there that you want to do. Give us 3 items that you haven't yet ticked off your bucket list.

CR: Sky dive, bungee jump, & meet an elephant!

SKYN: Ha, now those sound like a heck of a lot of fun! Now that we’ve hit up some of which you want to do, let’s chat some things you have done, or rather, things you have learned. What are some of the biggest revelations you've discovered through modelling? 

CR: Self confidence. Self discovery (still working on that one). Demand respect no matter what you are doing. No one will always love you. No one will always think you are the best. Keep those who see the world in you close.

SKYN: Great discoveries and definitely great pieces of advice. What about when it comes to memories. What would you say is your best memory of the last year?

CR: Realizing I can be me no matter what.

SKYN: That’s wicked. And in terms of the future, any big goals/plans for 2017?

CR: Moving to California (I'm in love with that place) and everything else a secret .. shhhh...

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