SKYN: Hey Bianca, congrats on being our SKYN Fit Girl. We love everything that you're doing and the positive message that you're constantly sending everyday. With that in mind, what got you into fitness in the first place? 

Bianca: My coach Renaldo Gairy. After finding him through a mutual friend and being immersed in his knowledge of the sport, I was hooked! My number one tip for anyone looking to start training is find a  good coach!

SKYN: Finding a good coach is definitely key. So in regards to your own personal experiences,  were you always comfortable in your own skin?

Bianca: Fitness has made me more aware of my off days but no I wasn't uncomfortable in my own skin as a kid I was too busy playing sports to notice.

SKYN: That's great to hear you were active from an early age. That certainly makes it easier you grow older. Did you have any mentors who really helped mold and guide you?

Bianca: My mom really helps me when I'm down and out. She's a big inspiration for me.

SKYN: Moms for the win. You can never go wrong there. What are some of your biggest accomplishments of the past year?

Bianca: Buying my first condo and starting my clothing line Betty Ruthless

SKYN: That's Amazing! Good luck and keep us posted on Betty Ruthless! What are some of your goals for 2016?

Bianca: Take BR to an insane level and have every fitness chick around wearing it

SKYN: Well I'm certainly looking forward to seeing that. Thank for chatting with us and congrats again on being our SKYN Fit girl of the week. 




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