Photo By: Derek Hui

Always chasing the dream to be better than the day before, Bianca Gabriella is a spunky little thing that is beautifully flawed and always inspiring. We caught up with the brunette bombshell - catch the interview here.  

Photos By: Brian Reilly at West Studio


SKYN: Hey, Bianca - thanks so much for sitting down with us! We've been watching your journey for a while now and have to say we're more than a little obsessed. From killing it in the fitness game to motivating people by the thousands on the daily, there's actually nothing you don't do. But for those out there who haven't heard yet, what is it exactly that you do? 

BG: I am a wellness coach and fitness competitor. 

SKYN: That's a pretty lethal combination. How did you become all of that? 

BG: At the risk of sounding like a motivational poster *lol* I really think I am an exact sum of all my experiences. My childhood (literally raised in the hood), my cultural experiences (travel) and my relationships (the good and the not so good). 

SKYN: Guess that makes total and completely sense. So what got you into fitness? 

BG: Booty gains! Just kidding. Well kind of. I was always skinny fat, eating crap and smoking two packs a day. I decided to quit smoking I sort of went all out and pushed all my own limits. I can be quite the extremist.

SKYN: Well we're certainly glad you are, you look great! Tell us something random about yourself that we can't see.  

BG: I love ketchup. I mean it's like a sick obsession. I put that sh** on everything. 

SKYN: Ha, we can't say we blame you. It's a solid condiment.

SKYN: Ok now, besides consuming a whole lot of ketchup, what are some of your best memories of the past year? 

BG: Top on the list has got to be visiting Capri and the Almafi coast for my 24th birthday. It was a dream. My second best memory is placing at provincials which makes me able to compete at nationals 2016!

SKYN: That's incredible! Congrats! While you were doing all of these great things were there any big revelations this past year?  

BG: I had some pretty big life changes happen to me this year. I have learned that no matter how bad things can become we can be extremely resourceful and overall be able to find strength from even the most painful experiences. 

SKYN: Great life lessons for sure. Sounds like 2015 was really rewarding. What are about 2016? Any big hopes or upcoming goals? 

BG: To launch my clothing brand, Betty Ruthless and to compete in nationals this year either in BC or Halifax. 

SKYN: Sounds like you've got a busy year up ahead - and we're sure you're going to kill it! Is there anything you'd like to be remembered as while you're off doing all these incredible things?

BG: I want to leave every person I meet feeling better about themselves and their own goals. If someone can relate to my struggles or I to theirs and there is a genuine connection that potentially changes someones day or dare I say, life? then that would be the best thing to be remembered for!

 Photos By: Derek Hui


To find out more about Bianca check her out here:
BIANCA GABRIELA | @biangagabriela




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