Ever wanted to know what it takes to shoot one of the hottest models on the net? Well sit back, relax, and let L.A. pro MAX REYES give you the exclusive SKYN rundown on what it's really like shooting with internet sensation and total babe SAVANNAH KREISMAN 

"Working with models is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to my photography. To me it’s the most challenging thing to do but the most rewarding when you see the finished images. I love being able to come together to create images that are both beautiful and unique, that show the connection between photographer and model.

For this shoot I had reached out to the very talented Savannah Kreisman to work together and fortunately she agreed to a shoot. My next step was to find a location that could offer a nice open indoor setting along with an outside area to shoot experiment with." 

"When I first meet the model I like to talk with them and get to know them a little better. Doing this gets rid of the nerves; making it a much more comfortable work environment and lets you connect together as friends. 

Savannah was a very easy person to get along with and after about 15 minutes we got right into it. We decided to use the guesthouse for the first set of shots. It offered a skylight and a whole wall that opened up letting in more than enough natural light. The room was empty and had bare concrete walls for us to shoot in front of." 

"We cycled through some poses of her in the black lingerie before we decided to move into the actual home to see what we could come up with. On our way to the house we stopped in front of the green trees where we took a few quick shots to utilize the colors it had to offer. 

Once we got into the home Savannah put on a different top and bottoms to switch up the look. We kept black bottoms but this time had her put on a beige top. We were going to head to the master bedroom but the dining room caught my eye because it let in a lot of light and had a view of the ocean." 

"I planned on silhouetting her in front of the dining room table to keep the ocean in the shot and to bring out the reflection of her on the table. The clear chairs also offered a very clean and modern aesthetic to the shot and it ended up being one of my favorites from the set.    

After the dining room we made our way to the master bedroom where I was most excited to shoot in because it had a mirrored wall and very even lighting coming in from the balcony sliding doors. For me when I’m shooting a girl on a bed my main goal is to keep a theme: intimate but tasteful. I feel like a bed is the most intimate setting to shoot a girl in and with that being said the images your going for while using the bed should be the most risqué but tasteful. When I do this correctly I create some of my most powerful images. 

After we shot in the master bedroom we decided to move back to the guesthouse where we started because I noticed that the sun had moved and created some heavy shadows where the only light that was coming in was from the skylight. Savannah and I wanted to use the clear chair as a piece for her to sit on earlier so this was the perfect scenario for it. Normally I would want to stay away from harsh light but I wanted to challenge myself and couldn’t resist with the awesome window silhouette the skylight was producing." 

"Savannah started off with some orange bottoms and no top, we both felt that more skin would go with the dramatic lighting and wouldn’t distract from her. I propped myself up on a chair to get the angle I wanted and produced the exact image that I had in my head. 

After we shot with the clear chair we both wanted to use one of the egg shaped patio chairs that were sitting by the pool area. We swapped the chairs and Savannah changed into another swimsuit. For this shot I wanted to capture the dark background behind her while keeping it tight so I wouldn’t take away from her. So I stepped back a couple feet and found a distance I was happy with. The image came out awesome, she got into her pose, the shadows fell across her body perfectly, and the rest is history." 



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