By: Laura C. Anderson

So what exactly is an aphrodisiac? Well – it can be a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire. That being said, it’s actually 100% possible to create a night so filled with creatively laced aphrodisiacs, your partner won’t even realize they’re being turned on. We have the power to subliminally trigger the release of endorphins during a date, so the next time you plan a romantic evening for two – skip the clichés of watching a movie or mini golfing and get right to what’s going to drive your pheromones wild.

Q: How should I smell?


1.    Lavender has been known as the herb of love, and its beautiful, sweet scent is a big turn-on for men.

2.    Jasmine is universally known as an aphrodisiac and is one of the principal plants used in perfumes.
       It has a rich, sweet smell and is thought to be warming and seductive.


As for you, gentlemen, I know you have an obsession with Designer colognes. It’s true they smell amazing and the commercials illustrating women draped over men in Dolce and Gabbana aren’t inaccurate. However, if you want to    get her blood and hormones really boiling, use natural fresh scents such as ocean breeze, kiwi, or baby powder.


Now that you’ve established what you’ll be sinfully saturating your skin in, you can focus on the next step.

Q: What should I wear?


1.    Women can always turn to anything that reveals her neck or back.

2.    Feel free to slip into anything red. We have to acknowledge society’s enduring love affair with red.



1.    It’s smart for men to wear dark, alluring colors like black or gray. They are power colors suggesting dominance and confidence. Plus, who wouldn’t want to dress up as James Bond for a night?


Q: What should we eat?

Most men like to wine and dine their dates, and I’m here to tell you that if you take her to the right restaurant, you could be doing more than filling her stomach.

1.    Red meat is a highly effective aphrodisiac as it causes men to produce testosterone. Woo, they were already horny to begin with, this is just an added bonus.

2.    Asparagus. With its high nutrient content — including potassium, fiber, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, and B6 — asparagus boosts histamine production, which is necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes.

3.    It’s certainly stimulating to eat spicy foods, they make you sweat, flush, and increase your heart rate (sound like something else?). For this response, try Chile peppers.  it’s been reported that Chile pepper also tells the brain to release endorphins, which are most definitely pleasure inducing. Maybe after the fire in your mouth cools down, you can ignite it somewhere else…

4.    Garlic is rich in the amino acid arginine, so it dilates blood vessels and promotes greater, ahem, blood flow. In other words: skip the Viagra in favor of a bulb or two of garlic.

5.    Chocolate: Sinfully sweet, delicious, irresistible, rich, tasty…all good words right? Today it’s proven that chocolate with high cocoa content is good for the heart and makes our brain secrete endorphins. I already indulged in my fair share of chocolate but knowing it can improve my sex life is more of a reason to continue. (Fun fact: It’s also said that eating enough chocolate can mimic the same effects of an orgasm due to the amount of endorphins released, so maybe you can put your B.O.B. to bed tonight)

6.    Strawberries – Just plain sexy. When a woman sucks and bites the tip of a strawberry, it will immediately cognitively trigger a similar bedroom situation in the man’s head. Likewise, when men purse their lips around the nipple-resembling fruit, women may feel a tingling sensation due to our over-active imaginations running wild.

7.    Lastly, for the drink to top it off? Port wine – it’s is said to be one of the most aphrodisiac alcoholic beverages around. This drink, which originated in Portugal, is said to promote lovemaking — especially when served with strawberries. Select white port wine instead of the red variety, because it appears to have more aphrodisiac properties. Oh and never beer. Beer will cause men to actually produce more estrogen and that means it can actually work as the opposite of an aphrodisiac.


Q: Where should we go?

Anywhere with the right mood lighting and sexual imagery. Just as subliminal messages in billboards and on television work upon consumer audiences, sexually laced imagery will have the same effects on the men and women who look at it. Suddenly sex will be on your mind, and if you’re on a date that’s never a bad thing. Mood lighting can be candlelight, dim lights…anything soothing that isn’t harsh on skin or appearance.


It may seem silly...

...but incorporating each of these elements can create a night pulsating with sexual desire. It’s the subliminal messages that get us the most anyways, right? So do it. Wear that scent that will get his blood pumping, or serve each other that meal that will release enough endorphins to drive you both straight to the bedroom once the meal has finished. There’s ways to plant sex on the mind so that the entire night is one exciting journey…the destination is your decision.




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